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Femenist Movement In America
Jack: 1 Cor. 11:15, 1 Tim. 2:9, Deut. 22:5
Eloy: I do not wear makeup to seduce men and I do not cut my hair or wear pants to look like a man. My hair is shoulder-length and my clothes always come from the womens dept. at the store. I do those things and wear makeup because I simply want to.
And, actually, I sell cosmetics for a living. Why? To work from my home so that I can be a stay-at-home mom.

Femenist Movement In America
Cont.--so does this mean that I am sinning? Also, is it okay for a church to ask a woman to leave because she is not wearing a skirt? Is it better to have that woman not attending church at all? I think it is her soul that really matters. I know that I am a Christian and I think that if I am dressed moderately and my makeup is subtle then thats okay.

Femenist Movement In America
I'm torn on this issue. As a woman I want to say that we can lead. But Paul does say that we cannot. But Paul also says that we must not cut our hair, wear makeup, or wear pants and I do all of those things. Does that mean that I am sinning? My husband and pastor agree that women can cut their hair, wear makeup, and wear pants. Is it okay for me since they don't disagree?

Pastor Wants To Have An Affair
I believe the pastor needs to take a long, hard look at himself before he does anything else. He should never have put himself in the situation to begin with. The devil comes disguised as many things, especially mistresses. He should repent and begin counseling with his wife.

Never Done Before For Fun
I would love to go to Ireland, where my father's family originated from. I would also like to visit Unalaska Island in Alaska. I've read a book about a remote sheep ranch there and I would love to visit it. P.S. This is my first time at this site--I love it!

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