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Urgent Prayer Request
With time people should be more MATURE, so that NEBOJSA UNDERSTANDS HE UNDERESTIMATED KATARINA, was too harsh and broke up in a hurry- That he start to appreciate their earlier relationship, and her- THAT HE START TO CARE FOR HER MORE -AND NOT TO WITHDRAW FROM HIS FEELINGS. That he understands he underestimated his feelings for her AND SO MAKE A NEW STEPS TOWARD KATARINA - For their complete reconciliation , conversation, agreement about THEIR FUTURE AND MARRIAGE That they continue that conversation AND BRING IT TO FULFILLING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE- That God heal all OLD HURTS, and bring them together and LEAD THEIR MEETINGS AND CONVERSATIONS

Bible Say About Hypnosis
I don't remember reading anything in the Bible about hypnosis.And some times I think about learning more about hypnosis.But I do know that three years ago my niece used it to quit smoking.And she did for awhile,but then she got depressed.And even after the birth of her daughter could not shake the depression.She ended up taking her own life.I can't say for sure it was the hypnosis,that made her take here life but it was less than a year later.

Fate Of Aborted Babies
I think our kind God will take good care of this babies.But we need to teach our kids THY SHALL NOT KILL Babies are blessings from God.Some planned blessing some unplanned blessing.But if God bless them with money they sure would not burn it.It is murder.God planned our lives before we were born.He knew who are parents would be before them.How dare someone mess with that plan.

Can I Date A Witch
hey i just read your problem honestly if you love your fiance you wouldent doubt her she is a special person who deserves to be treated with care i am a christian witch myself you shouldent care what others say about her

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