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How Can You Go To Hell

Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the reason we believe in an after life. I do believe that hell is darkness and heaven is light. If you have a speck of light in you there is hope for you in heaven. Hell is made up of pure evil. It is eternal and designed for those who are voide of light.

Secretly In Love With Married Man

It is never a sin to love as long as the love is not accompanied by lustful thoughts. If you find yourself lusting after him, pray about it and always try to stop. God will bless you for your efforts. You are not committing adultery by loving him. Ask God to keep your love for him pure. When you trust and place your complete faith in God, he will guide you to the man that is meant for you. Always remember that God should always be your number one true love. He is all you need.

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