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Was Jesus Created By God
Jesus was God manifested in the flesh....
God is a spirit. You can not see a Spirit
God through the Holy Spirit took a little virgin named Mary oershadowed her and she conceived and a child was born....Being both Human and Divine.... He told Phillip, When you see me you see the Father....I and my Father are One....Jesus was the expressed Image of the Invisble God. Mentioned in the book of Col......There is only One God.....and We will be caught up to meet him in the air......Not Them...

Speaking In Tongues
. filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in other is important to Salvation....Jesus told Nicodemous, You must be Born Again of the Water and of the Spirit.....Water Babtised and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues...Acts Chapter 2 Acts Chapter 8 Acts Chapter 10Acts Chapter 19 ...And they babtised in The Name Of Jesus Christ

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