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Are Christian Science A Cult
Eloy... Your definition of a house of worship is a highly decorated building with curtains and such? Where exactly do you think Jesus did his teachings? Matthew 18:20.."For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

The teachings of the Bible and Jesus are about the "message" and too often we get distracted by the package. The challenge of Jesus and his disciples was getting the message out to the masses. Today we have the freedom to spread the message, spread the word of God and we get hung up on "how" the message is being delivered.

Are Christian Science A Cult
Yes, CS is Christian. Being Christian is believing in and adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ. CS promotes God & the Bible.

Mrs. Eddy's writings do not supersede the Bible nor try to. Mrs. Eddy's insight to the Bible is no different than a priest's homily or a pastor's sermon.

Is CS a cult? I seem to recall a young Nazarene who could be considered a cult leader in his day.

It amazes me how people comment with authority on subjects they do not understand. Just because I can Google "E=MC2" doesn't make me an Einstein or automatically fully comprehend the theory of relativity.

Who is Paula White?
One must take a look at the entire package that folks like Paula are offering. Why do we let someone like her, sell us something that we already possess? We do not need her spiritual covering, nor do we need to "sow" anything in order to receive of God's blessings. In Ephesians 1, we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing "in Christ Jesus." We need not "do" anything but dwell in Christ. When we adjust our lives to Him, He promises that all shall be added unto us.

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