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What Is Witchcraft
Grace--I'm just curious. What did you mean by "my relationship with him is more valuable than being in agreement with the world" If an Evangelical said this, I'd know what was meant, but you are obviously not that. What did you have in mind when you mentioned "the world"?

Third Jewish Temple Built
Talk has been for some time that Orthodox Jews are trying to reconstruct the temple (the Third Temple) in hopes their Messiah will come soon. It could be a political move. Presently, the "Dome of the Rock", one of the holiest sites of Islam, stands on the Temple Mount. The Jews have only ruins of their temple wall there. Christians are interested because some believe the Anti-christ will be revealed there, "standing in the holy place" according to the prophet Daniel and Matt.24:15.

Are Christian Science A Cult
Yes, CS and Scientology are not related--their origins and teachings are quite different.

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