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What Is Female Authority
Wives submit to husbands and viceversa, it's not a one-way street.
God placing men in authority over women in the churches is also symbolic of Christ as the head of the Church.
It doesn't mean men are more intelligent than women. They are not, that's obvious.

Submitting to authority in the church is Scriptural, as hard as that may be for strong willed woman. We are to honor God's Word and what He says the Church is to be.

What Is Female Authority
When women usurp the men as the head of the household, rebellion will rush in. It takes all forms. Discipline for the children/or lack of it, money matters, you name it - things can go cuckoo. Women fuel up on emotions and men are geared not to.

When a woman is in charge of a church, a televangelist, pastor - you will see things get out of whack. It may be subtle at first, but as time goes on, emotions creep in and you will see whackie Jackies.

What Is Female Authority
Women should not counsel men. A woman pastor really cannot relate to men.
Jesus gave us His Word, how a church is to be run with order. That's difficult for some women that like to take over. Jezebel, a controlling distortion of authority, can creep in.

What Is Female Authority
You need look no further than your television to see evidence of how Christ wants the church. Woman pastors that may have started out on the right track, you see elements of pride, emotional frenzy (working it up in the flesh), controlling, pomp, and all kinds of flakiness. It is out of balance. It's not the way God intended it to be.

What Is Female Authority
There are women who have set themselves up as a pastor here. You see control, manipulation, emotional unbalance - same things you would see in a church led by a woman. We need to follow God's Word.

What Is Female Authority
Men are not to hold that authority over women with arrogance, pomp, pride, control, manipulation. The same characteristics of Jezebel apply to men as well. If they do, God's ways are just.

What Is Female Authority
Here we are, on the blogs.
Some women who are handing out judgments/false teachings with a critical spirit would be "rode out on a rail" in a church. They would be removed, immediately.
They would not last more than one service.
It is suspect, and maybe that has already happened to them. So now we are on the receiving end of their error.

What Is Female Authority
What are the Christian blogs to you? Are they a Christian internet forum, only - or are they an extension of the church.

In a restaurant with a smoking/non-smoking sections - smoke does not know where the boundaries begin and end. It goes and flows wherever there is a wind.
So with every wind of doctrine that we see here, which section will you choose?
Smoking or non-smoking?

What Is Female Authority
None whatsoever.
Women must remain silent in church.
Women have no authority over men.
Only men should teach men, and women.

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