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Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl
Ask her how she feels about it, then take her feelings into account. Establish your relationship with your fiancee, ground it with trust, honesty and respect. Don't make your relationship a threesome. If she loses her trust in you before you marry, it will hurt your marriage very much. And don't lie to her either when she finds out she will look at you in a very different way. Honor & protect her.

Am I Really Legally Married
If you filed a license with the court (hall of records), said "I DO" and consumated the marriage then you are a married woman. If you did it against the law, for green card purposes, but lived as married people, in all ways, then I believe it is honored the the courts, LEGALLY. I would be curious for a professional to answer this ?

Advice About My Current Affair
Why in the world would you settle to be the "other woman". Your "man" needs to take care of his business at home before you gets involved with anyone else and you, my dear needs to look in the mirror and ask yourself, what you are doing with another womans husband? Walk away while you still have some self respect (?).

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