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Falsely Accused By CPS
My 8 yr old daughter goton her schoolbus at 7am.She then fellasleep.Mydaughter woke up at 9ish on anempty bus. She proceededtoopen the bus doors and go intothe principles office and she also had her little hand print on herface due toher sleeping on it.Ifound out when I went to pick my daughter up from theschool at around 11am. The principal calls CPS onme. For what the bus driver did? I dont understand. I went to the police station to file a report-they wrote the information on a blank piece of paper. Really. I dont think anyone wants to do anything.This is also not the first time with the same bus driver. My daughter is now 8. When she was 5 this bus driver let her on the bus to go home atdismissal and my daughter gotoff the bus and left her

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I am dealing with the same problem kinda I have a Four Year Old daughter and a one year old son. My four year old is acting out now and I think it is because her dad and I are no longer married and the Judge gave her dad residental custody it was only because I am in the service and I know that when I was growing up it was not a pretty past I was abused and I am not wanting to spank but she is spitting and hitting people and I dont know what else to do I have done time outs and I have tried talking to her and I am lost please help...

Do You Feel Evil Shadows Around
One night papers were flying around my room. I decided to do an excorsism. I said in the name of Jesus Christ get out of my house and after I said that someone yelled Asha... Asha means life and something else which I forget, but I have partly been possessed by a demon before and my house has many demons in it that come and go as they please. I perform the excorsisms but it's only temporary. I may just be a teenager but I tend to take matters into my own hands.

Boyfriend Sleeps At Ex's House
Terra, I would just ask him, if he gets upset because you ask him then you'll know then that something isn't right. I refuse to be with a man I could not trust and to top it off why should you have to go to bed with knots in your stomach because you're scared to ask him a question, after all he's not your husband and if he was how would you handle it then?

Altar Calls Still Needed Today
We need altar calls for everything. Almost every Sunday I go to the front to receive something or other. God seems to know what is needed corporately, if the minister is listening to God's voice, and going before Him to get fresh manna every week.

Promises From God On Remarriage
One day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day...

Hey! If you got a promise for remarriage, more power to ya, but when I asked about my very first marriage, I got Luke 20:34-35 (KJV). Look it up.

Now lest you say that I'm "forbidding to marry," let me say that my aunt gave me a prophesy about the kind of man that the Lord had for me, and I believe her. I'm just not in any hurry to find him.

Do You Like A Parallel Bible
In response to the person who said that man or Satan had corrupted the Word: God's Word cannot be corrupted, because it is the original incorruptable seed. The enemy may sow tears(weeds) by using his voice to quote the Word in our ears, but if we are filled with the Holy Spirit, He will lead us into all truth, and eventually that original seed will bear fruit.

If people are reading different translations, and manifesting the same fruit, isn't that what counts? Do men gather grapes of thistles?

Are Men To Rule Over Their Wife
The way I see it, that was God's curse on women, which has been erased by the cross. The New Testament says that in Christ, there is neither male nor female.

The curse of having desire towards a man instead of to God Himself has been broken for those women who are truly in Christ. Why shouldn't the latter part of the curse be nulified as well?

True Will Of God In Your Life
I was in that position myself, until I started going to a church that had the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation. I rely heavily on prophetic words that my spirit bears witness to for guidance, and I know people with a real gift of wisdom and discernment, so I usually run things by them before I rush into anything.

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