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Should Churches Pay Taxes
Ven, you have a serious problem reading and understanding what I say. I too believe every word of God and have more years on you than 26. I wholeheartedly believe every word of Ephesians....and that's the problem, you only believe in that one verse and disgard the rest of the WHOLE OF EPHESIANS.

The Church was in Gods thoughts before the foundation of the world just as Jesus was forordained to take away sin before the foundation of the world. But you and I both know the actual didn't happen until 2000 years age. The Church is God's Gift to His Son for the obedience of dying for our sin.

Your studies have left you incomplete in understanding ....and you still want to argue.

The Calvinist System
There are no scripture man lost free will when he sinned. He only gained the ability to know evil...he didn't loose the ability to know good. As a matter of fact Gods interaction with Cain prove that point. And all through out scripture God gives men a choice to obey or disobey.

The Gnostics and Stoics only originally taught the nonsense of no free will, not even the early Christian or men of faith through out scripture.

If Calvinist's go back to the root of this teaching, they will see even the Jews did not teach no free will EVER.

Isaiah 1:18-20 PROVE FREE WILL. God doesn't ask to reason with robots either.

Was Peter Saved Early
The ELECT TODAY is THE CHURCH, just as ISRAEL as a whole is Gods Elect. The Church belongs to Jesus, and Israel the Nation belong to God. And just as many could join Israel, anyone today can JOIN THE CHURCH, by placing your faith in Jesus Christ. Then you too are members of the ELECT CHURCH that was predestined before the foundation of the world TO BE CONFORMED TO THE INAGE OF JESUS CHRIST. Elect Israel will not be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Only the Church is.

Please read ALL OF EPHESIANS, not just your pet one verse wonder.

The Calvinist System
was because you finally used you free will to come to Christ. Everyone who did what you did is also very happy. That day they and you opened your own eyes to see Christ, your own ears so you could hear the gospel, gave yourselves a new heart so you could love Christ, what a great moment you had, very proud of your works.
---ven. on 8/7/20

Ven sounds so bitter and angry. He just can't grasp faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Not by election. To as many as receive Him "TO THEM " GAVE HE THE POWER TO BECOME THE SONS ON GOD.

Choose life or death.

The WORD of God is steeped with free choice to accept or reject God. Right from the very beginning God gave Cain a second chance to do what was right.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
ven, you couldn't be further from the truth. Many here have different beliefs. There's no contest here as who is the last man standing. And if you cared to take notice, there have been many contentious posters who are always nasty to others. To single me out as you admitted, after cyber-stalking as you admitted is creepy ven. To say we can't agree on ANYTHING is also creepy ven. You reject the virgin birth, the Deity of Christ, OT Saved, is again creepy. You have not even TRIED to meet me half way. That again is telling on YOU. You came on here to frustrate , but are angry because you can't, so you chose the low road with personal attacks...CREEPY. .No one here has backed anything you teach. No one has even voted you a helpful blogger.

Was Peter Saved Early
I see a problem here. Ven says anyone who disagrees with Calvinism is attacking him and not loving him. That's not how these blogs work ven, not even how Christianity works either. Trying to manipulate someone by accusing ....falsely I might add, is not love coming from the accuser.

I think possibly some coming on here think more highly of themselves than they ought.

Samuel simply stated he does not follow the teachings of the TULIP. No one here does. So that I guess makes all of us here not loving ven. No...we just don't love Calvinism. You are not Calvin. You need to grasp that fact. We can attack Calvinism the doctrine and STILL BE LOVING.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
So I thought it was a good time for me to bring the truth and see how you responded, and you did not surprise me.
---ven. on 8/9/20

So here we have out of ven's own admission his motive for being here online. To provoke intentionally. He first did this by bringing the truth that when Paul speaks of the CROSS, ven scoffs and says it's only a piece of wood. THAT WAS INTENTIONAL BAIT and he got his jolly laugh when I took that bate and rebuked him. Firstly NO CHRISTIAN would play such games.

It all reminds me, as the Lord brought to mind Psalms 10.

Professed Troublemakers should be asked to leave CN.

Importance Of Free Will
For those who want to discuss this with ven, please be careful not to let philosophy be what you are arguing against. I believe one needs to get to the root of this teaching , and go from there. Also you can watch a few YouTube sessions with Dr Wilson under the titles I provided. God bless Dr Wilson.

This issue has been discussed here often that ends in a huge fight. It's not going to change. Be convinced in your own hearts, and don't apologize for standing in the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints....which is FREE WILL.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
Samuel, today many who call themselves Christians only listen to FOX NEWS, and we know they totally support Trumps policies even to the extent of lying about it and they just believe it. And that in itself is creating a lot of hate between Christians. Another issue is the BLM propaganda coming from FOX painting them in a horrible light. I just found out too they said Colin Kaerpatric (sp) parents were ashamed of him and said he was always a troublemaker....ANOTHER LIE FOX PROMOTED. it also creates problems with Christians who point out these lies to other Christians who refuse to hear and believe they lie.

All Christians should be appalled at this mentality of hurting small children putting them in cages. It's disgusting.

Importance Of Free Will
The issue is: where did the teaching of no free will come from.
1) it began with the Gnosticism and Stoicism . And no early church fathers taught this until Augustine of Hippo, who came out of different Gnostic teachings. And Calvinism came out of Augustine's teachings.

2) scripture warns us against those false gnostic teachers, re philosophers. Colossians 2:8

3) when you know the truth of this, the truth will set you free

4) you can study this if you want . It's called" Augustine's conversion from traditional free choice to non free free will.. A comprehensive methodology . That's the more comprehensive one. By Kenneth M Wilson. The condensed one is called The Foundation of Augustinian- Calvinism. Only $10.

Was Peter Saved Early
And those today as well as those in the OT like Job testified is that we can know we ARE SAVED. Are saved is present tense. We have an Ernest deposit of the Holy Spirit being baptized into Christ...

Now we have assurance of our salvation too OSAS , unless Reformed or at least vens peculiar version of Reformed does not believe in one's eternal security. That would then exhibit a lack of faith.

Abraham absolutely knew he was saved from hell. Saved from ETERNAL death. I think because ven has a peculiar view of the cross to begin with may confuse him. It's really not complicated. And don't follow anyone who tries to make it complicated. No one can be Abraham's spiritual children if Abraham wasnt saved. That should be a no brainer.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
Robert, concerning your question above, we have just seen in the news the absolute corruption of taxpayer money going to Jerry Falwall Jr, and his school, as he seems to live a lavish tax free life on some yacht with his pants unzipped hugging a woman not his wife with her half naked body posing for pictures thinking its a big laugh. Well he just got fired from his own university. Indefinitely. So we see so much corruption today in many of these extremely wealthy entities. Even if the yacht was rented....the rental is HUGE. But then the NRA CEO has been squandering folks donations on himself lavishly....and Trump defends such corrupt behavior.

All tax free BAD BEHAVIOR.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
Yep, I can be brutal when it comes to false doctrine. But where I attack the doctrine, ven attacks the person . He has no weapons of spiritual warfare. He fights in his carnal flesh. He hates those who war in the spirit, rightly agreeing it's brutal against carnal flesh.

I don't apologize for being brutally honest when someone posts lies, as ven has done here from the beginning.

1) the cross is only a piece of wood
2) we preexisted before the foundation of the world
3) Jesus was a man before the foundation of the world


Wolves in SHEEPS clothing come to kill and destroy. They are the most vicious of all. BEWARE of ven.

Was Peter Saved Early
OT saints were saved BY FAITH IN THE COMING REDEEMER. Hebrews 11 gives a wonderful list of those saved. We see in LUKE those of faith went to a place called ABRAHAMS BOSOM, aka Paradise. The same place the man who died next to Jesus went...TODAY YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE.

OT looked forward to the cross, we look back. Their faith was accounted for righteousness just as ours. But today ours is COMPLETE IN HIM.

Now when Jesus rose from the dead, He led captivity captive and we see those OT Saints are now the spirits of just men MADE PERFECT are in heaven.

I guess ven has his own personal definition of salvation. YIKES. or else he's just spewing more FALSE DOCTRINE. sounds like Catholicism coming from him.

The Calvinist System
Ven, I showed you scripture Jesus was made flesh when He was born of a virgin. John 1:1-12. 1 John 1:1-8. 1Cor 15:42-45. Philippians 2:5-8, Hebrews 1-2, Romans 1:3. Just to name a few places.

I know what I believe ven. If The Word took on the form of a man, it doesn't mean He remained in that form anymore than He remained in the form of A ROCK, or a cloud, or a burning bush, or an angel. If you can't grasp that fact, you have some serious issues. I can't help you there.

So get over yourself and your rude attacks. I feel sorry for you ven. You seem like a very angry small person. You're what's called negative energy...a bummer. I will pray for your salvation ven. Once saved, you won't exhibit envy here AKA HATE.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
Ven, you seem to be on a roll attacking everyone on line, calling everyone a liar, but yourself. A real joy to be around. I can understand why you are here online, probably because you don't have any friends.....I guess they too are tired of a know it all obnoxious bully. I'll keep you in my prayers ven. You need to get saved and experience the Joy if the Lord. It's obvious you've not experienced that.

Don't be surprised if no one responds back to you after this. It's a way of saying GET LOST.

The Calvinist System
the Gospel is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. And not only did Jesus die for our sin and was raised up on the Third day, the gospel according to the Mystery is that when we are saved we are RAISED UP TOGETHER WITH CHRIST, EPHESIANS 2:6-7 And made to sit with Him IN HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST. Our citizenship right now is in HEAVEN. Only the CHURCH is called to do that.

There are those who will inherit the earth, and those who are laying up treasures in heaven. Jesus spoke of both these places. But to Paul was given so much more detail about our HEAVENLY CALLING. Eph 1:3, 2:6-7, 3:10, Heb 3:1, 8:5, 9:23. Paul also states THOSE WHO MIND EARTHLY THINGS ARE ENEMIES OF THE CROSS. Phil 3:17-19 , Gal5:11.

Different Denominations Marry
Does it actually say a man IN THE FLESH, or did ven just add that? Ven is comparing apples to oranges. No where in the OT was Jesus BORN, or begotten of man to be flesh and blood of man . We see Jesus genealogy in the Gospels of his earthly lineage going back to Adam. THIS HUMAN FLESH is what we are referring to. The very same body Jesus has today, except it it Glorified. And this same Jesus with nail prints in His hands will be the MAN CHRIST JESUS who will return at the second coming. And before Adam AKA MAN was created, there was no man Christ Jesus. Adam was THE FIRST MAN.

The Calvinist System
Hebrews 1-2 disagree with you. Secondly, what did Jesus do with His OT body? We know in the NT He was born of a virgin grew, died and rose again with the same body He was born with. Today the risen Christ still has His NT body, and one day we will see the nail marks in His hands and wounded side.

So Hebrews says God spoke to man through His Angels, but now in the LAST DAYS ( WHICH IS NOW ) God has spoken to us through His Son Jesus Christ. Even if The WORD took on the form of a man like the angels did on occasion STILL DOES NOT MAKE ANY OF THEM A MAN. I believe before His incarnation THE WORD WAS and is God in Spirit form. The LAST ADAM who is Jesus Christ came after the first man Adam. 1 Corinthians 15:45 ADAM means MAN .

Was Peter Saved Early
All OT even those of faith in the Gospel era were absolutely saved and went to a place called Abraham's bosom or Paradise UNTIL Jesus rose from the dead.

Jesus already foretold Peter he would deny Him. Never said anything about him losing his soul over it.

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