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What Does Perfect Mean
I believe perfect means fullness in this verse. However, when it says be ye perfect, it means be mature.

Disciples Had A Sword
In John 18:10, when the officers were about to take Jesus, it says Simon Peter drew his sword, and cut off Malchus's ear.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
Hold one moment...maybe she is doing everything by herself. Does any one volunteer to help her? Does any one check to see if she needs assistance? Is she trying to do too much maybe??? But maybe she is sick and tired of doing it all!! She might be burnt out! Her husband sounds like he is! I say regroup! Become her helper. Show up early and stay late and see what she needs!! You might just be exactly what she needs a FRIEND!!!!

Young Women Marrying Older Men
What if the older man (let's say in his early 30's) knew the woman when she was around 10 years old and then 10 or so years later, married her? What do you think of that?

Wife Has Bi Polar Disorder
I am too, and as I take my Lithium consistently I find my life very balanced and after years of use there are very minimal side affects. It sounds like she is not on Lithium.

My Past Mistakes
Perhaps, I'm just a hard-nose, but I do my best to avoid hurtful, rude people. This includes family as well. I've been clean/sober for almost 25 years, and yet, someone will bring up my past. I do what I've got to do, ask God to guide me, and leave.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
The Westark Church of Christ has an area that you can look at excellent referances. Just web search for their address.

Non-Believers Dating Christians
I have spoken to several men about this and the most common reasons are that Christian women are perceived as being trustworthy and clean living. They do not run the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and for some it is the challenge of bedding a Christian women.If anyone is thinking taking up the challenge: Apply the words of God and if you are convicted, dont yield. Hold on to your integrity and do not be conformed-draw them to Christ-this will b the acid test as to whether you are merely a challenge or whether they are prepared to receive Christ in order to win your love.

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