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Against Capital Punishment
StrongAxe, instead of using a non-equivalent example like tobacco, let's actually pick an actiin equal to infant murder, like say rape. Now, if I said something ridiculous like "I believe in legalized rape, but I don't support rape, and I would never rape anyone, but I think others should have the right to make that choice to rape if they want to", would you then say that I'm not pro-rape, just pro-choice?

The fact that you minimalize the act of abortion to the extent that you view it as the moral equivalent to smoking, instead of murder or rape, is proof that you ARE pro-abortion.

Engaged Couples Living In Sin
Marriage that God created was NOT a simple agreement between two people who just said that they're committed. Even in the Bible days it was a legal agreement between both parties and the authorities at that time. There may not have been a marriage certificate but there were legal ramifications if you left your spouse (read exodus and leviticus). So your suggestion that a couple living together that says "we're committed" is just as married in God's eyes is not biblical, because there is no accountability for either of them to the public. If their really committed, they wouldn't mind putting their money where their mouth is and making it legal. If their is not accountability to others then it is not a marriage in God's eyes.

Engaged Couples Living In Sin
Alan, don't just be another cluny on this site, opposing God's word on every issue. Neither Donna, nor I, nor anyone else created the law and institution of marriage, God did! A real marriage was never done in secret. It is a public confession of your love, devotion, and commitment to eachother, so that you can be held accountable before the world to maintain your commitment. If you are not legally married then you are more likely not to stay when it really gets rough because you are not legally bound and it is easy to just leave.

Should All Abortions Be Illegal
I have heard the argument for rape victims before, but the fact is that most rape victims do keep their babies. It is not the rape victims that make up for the 5,000 murdered babies every day. It is people who are living irresponsible lifestyles who want to avoid the consequences of their foolish actions. Also, many of our countries most successful people were once orphans. And some of the most happiest people I have ever met are mentally or physically handicaped, so that argument isn't valid either. God can make a way for these situations. Like I said, the shocking number of abortions performed each day are from people who just want to live however they want with no consequences.

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