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Apostolic Succession False
not everyone who keeps the shabbot belongs to the "SDA camp".

the word sabbath refers to rest and includes the weekly day of rest (7th day) and also the first day of each the biblical festivals-according to the OT.

the teachings of Christ never contradicted the OT scriptures. There the apostolic writers looked to Christ for their understanding, their understanding must NOT have contradicted the OT either.

the bereans of acts 17 also found that the teachings of Paul did NOT contradict OT scriptures.

Break Ten Commandments
**The Torah instructs us that males have to be circumcised, as well as observe all Jewish rites.

The Law spoken by YHUH at Sinai and again in Moab was not Jewish, but Hebrew/Israeli. There is a difference. There was also a mixed multitude that obey the Torah.

**In deriving doctrine from O/T are we not disregarding the decisions of the Jerusalem council that Gentiles need not become Jewish and observe Mosaic laws - specifically laws that were strictly Jewish?

Strictly Jewish is called Oral Torah. THe mosaic law is not jewish.

**And are we not under the New Covenant instead of the Old? Hebrews 8:13

Hebrews is referring to the sacrifice which was once required a lamb but now is fulfilled by Yahshua.

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