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What Is The Prosperity Gospel
The Prosperity Gospel doesn't exist. However, prosperity teaching does. Prosperity teachings are based on the reaping and sowing biblical principal which is absolutely correct. However, without balance it became such a self centered principal that went far beyond the bounds of God's will. I would love to see it taught in balance so that people understand that we can live fruitful lives all around, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Attend Church Or Go To Hell
There is nothing in the bible that says you have to attend church everytime there is a service. However, there are lots of scriptures in the bible that talk about Christians being around one another for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving good counsel. The key in finding balance is knowing how much you need to know and attending service or "congregating" based on your needs. It's healthy for this to change from time to time.

My Mother-In-Law Is Rude
My MIL ruined my marriage...well my ex-husband let her as well. This is a complicated issue, but my "advice" is to fight for your marriage. I'm not saying that you should knock her out. However, you have to do some strategic (undeceitful) problem solving that will ultimately put you both at ease. BTW..moving across the country doesn't help. It will only piss her off more and then your hubby may feel obligated to accept the phone calls.

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