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Are Democrats Terrorists
Jerry, Riots and protests began with the Boston Tea Party. Woman's Sufferage, The Gangs of NY when the rich could buy their way out of service and the poor had to go in their place caused much damage and rioting in NY back in the 1800. Another was in the late 60'early 70. All those riots in Chicage during the DNC and then protesting the Viet Nam War. College students were being murdered on their campuses KENT STATE. Then the Rodney King riots.

Sorry, but there was no BLM OR ANTIFA then. People burned flags, which the SC held up their right to protest. Protests were also against horrible working conditions.....REMEMBER THE TRIANGLE SHIRT-WASTE FACTORY FIRE.

So Jerry, we need to LISTEN and try to understand .

The Calvinist System
David, awesome. Thank you for saying that. Bless you too David. I think we will be learning and learning until the Lord comes and then we'll be learning more and more throughout all eternity. I always get excited discovering new things.

Are Democrats Terrorists
Jerry I've only seen those who want to look like BLM when now they are being identified as KKK . I don't believe 99 percent of BLM are doing the damage. But the 1 percent can do a lot of damage. Some of this damage was white women as well. We already see in Portland it's calmed down after Trump's Brown Shirts were pulled out.

The Calvinist System
Ephesians 2:14, who is our peace and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us,( Jew and gentile)

15 Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances, for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace,

16 And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:

17 And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.

18 For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.

The CHURCH has a heavenly calling. The 144,000 have an earthly calling.

The Calvinist System
David, I'm part of the way with you, but scripture shows that God revealed the Gospel according to the MYSTERY to Paul, where Jew and Gentile are ONE NEW MAN, the Mystery of The Church. So yes, Paul went to the Gentiles And to the Jews, to preach the Gospel according to THE MYSTERY. ROMANS 16:25-27.

This mystery was hidden in the OT. So THE MYSTERY is not just the New Covenant either , as that was no mystery kept secret. And as the Church enjoys SOME of the promises of the NC , we do not enjoy all. Re LAND we do not. The NC to the Nation of Israel , includes land. We have a HIGHER CALLING. God is calling out both Jew and Gentile during this age of GRACE to form THE CHURCH. The CHURCH is the mystery. A WHOLE NEW CREATURE.

Different Denominations Marry
I believe there is a great difference between different faiths. And one should be equally yoked with one who shares the same faith. For many years Catholics would not marry those who were Protestant with a Catholic or made them convert, and vice versa with Protestant believers. It wasn't the people who decided that, but the church leaders themselves. And if all were simply Christians with various views ...why were so many burned at the stake from opposing sides. I think today people have just become more liberal in their beliefs. But many still today do not compromise. I could NEVER be yoked with a Calvinist, although we both believe in Jesus.

Are Democrats Terrorists
I believe folks are smart enough now to see the White Supremacist 's are responsible for much of the violence and distruction. I believe the saying now is....IF WE TRIED TO DISMANTLE THE KKK THE WAY MANY WANT TO DISMANTLE THE BLM THERE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A BLM IN THE FIRST PLACE.


The Calvinist System
Also David, you said there were no Jewish Christians until Paul...WRONG. We See in the day of Pentecost over 3000 Jews became Christians. Paul actually helped murder Christian Jews. Until Paul's conversion I believe he was feared by the Jewish Christian community and it took several years before they trusted him and believed in his own conversion. Now Paul is a member of the CHURCH...THE NEW CREATURE, and shows in 2 Cor 3 that the Old Covenant is done away. And those still under it are still blind.

The Calvinist System
David the parable is teaching not to mix the Old Covenant with the New, do not mix law with Grace. It has nothing to do with teachers. It's called mixing LEAVEN in your doctrine.A little LEAVEN ruins the whole lump. 2 Cor 5:17 old passes away behold ALL THINGS NEW.

I've never heard of your definition of the garment and winecloth parable. Christ in you is put into A NEW CREATURE, NOT OUR OLD SIN MAN. The NC is clearly Defined in Romans 6-8. Even chapter 7 clearly state one must DIE TO THE LAW in order to bring forth fruit into God.

The Calvinist System
....., "So then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham" what that means is that only those who are of faith are sons of Abraham. The rest are not, thats why there is two Israel's, "the Israel of the flesh, and "The Israel of God" which are the one's by faith.
---ven. on 8/1/20

That's odd too, because those who are not of faith are not even Israel after the flesh. Those who are not are simply not saved at all PERIOD. I believe scripture calls them LOST, HEATHENS, etc. We see concerning Israel after the flesh in Romans 11:26-27. Gentiles even before Abraham, who lived by faith re Abel, Job, Enoch, Noah are also not the Israel of God.

Are Democrats Terrorists
Back to the question above. Seeing the Dems had a plan to carry us through this uptick in the Trump virus fiasco, we have no agreement, because the GOP's proposal threw in all sorts of things not even related, like a new FBI building Trump will financially benefit from the tear down of the old, being so close to his Trump Tower....didn't come up until he sees he's losing and wants to grab all he can for himself. Also in the GOP plan, there was no provision for evictions...a HUGE over site ....or not, seeing homeless has a harder time voting ..especially this late in the game if folks are displaced out of their district. I say the Republicans are the terrorists in all of this.

The Calvinist System
Nope ven, Abraham was not Israel nor was Isaac. Jacob was renamed Israel. And Jacobs earthly descendents are Israel...the Israel of God. Paul nor John, James or Peter EVER say we are spiritual Israel. That is something many just made up because they 1) do not see THE CHURCH is neither Jew or Gentile, but ONE NEW MAN, 2) the Church belongs to Jesus, Israel belong to the father. 3) distorting Romans 9-11 .

and if you say we are Isaac's children, even more reason we are not spiritual Israel. Isaac was not Israel, nor was Abraham.

Different Denominations Marry
God is not male or female. The Holy Spirit is not male or female, and the WORD before being made flesh was not male or female. Angels are also not male or female. EITHER. They are all of a different order of being. GOD IS SPIRIT. No one has seen God so to say He is a man, because He isn't a woman is something a 3rd grader would come up with without instruction. YIKES. And there is no way THE MAN JESUS CHRIST appeared in the OT. If that were true He would have simply APPEARED in the NT. The whole of Him being born of a virgin who was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit is a miracle NOT IN THE OT. To again undermine the birth of Jesus this way.... IS HERESY.

ARE YOU MORMON. They too think they are Israel.

Different Denominations Marry
I believe MAN is short for HUMAN. Jesus was not a HUMAN before His Incarnation. Only MAN have flesh and blood.

This is an interesting addition not in Calvinism either.

an adult human male.

adult male
a human being of either sex, a person.

human being
person keeps pointing to MORMON.

Are Democrats Terrorists
ven, i've brought many to Christ, However that is not the only thing God has CALLED me to do. REBUKE REPROOF is something we are all called to do. Compromising is something we are never to do.

It takes GUTS to defend the Gospel especially in this day and age when we have pudknockers like yourself standing on the sidelines sneering and throwing rocks rather than running the race at all. . OH but RIGHT...Calvinists are just blobs on a log, because ROBOTS have no desires or convictions except to preach a false gospel that does no one any good. The Bible says cowards will not enter the Kingdom of God. Rev 21:8. It seems satan has fooled you into thinking you have escaped this because someone told you you were a preexistant elect. SAD.

The Calvinist System
Gal 5:11 And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? then is the offence of the cross ceased. And we know even to this day the message of the cross will bring persecution. It offends the LEGALISTS who think they can earn their way to heaven by their own works. INCLUDES CATHOLICS VEN.

Galatians, shows in many different aspects THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS. 1) Jesus death and resurrection..(preached to Abraham) 2)OUR INDENTIFICATION with Jesus in death and resurrection life, Gal 2:20-21, Gal 5-22-25 , Gal 6:14. and 3) being persecuted for the preaching of the cross Gal 5:11..and Paul tells us any other Gospel is accursed....including Calvinism.

The whole of Galatians is about THE CROSS.

The Calvinist System
Ven none of your opinions mean anything to me. Nil..void... words with no value. Petty insults from a petty small person. And a hetetic. Always changing the subject to personal insults. Just like Trump. You have not defended anything I have exposed you're false teaching on. Instead you think insulting is somehow an answer. It shows you have no armour. I know this subject bothers you. That's too bad.

Different Denominations Marry
Exactly Strongaxe. Ven doesn't grasp the English language well, as I've noticed in many of his posts. He argues against well grounded Christian doctrine. Or else he purposely pretends he thinks your saying this or that in order to argue for no reason.

My point in Ephesians is that no one was IN CHRIST JESUS before the foundation of the world. And no one was IN THE WORD before He was made flesh at His incarnation. The WORD was made flesh, born of a virgin and was then named Jesus Christ. And yes Mormons believe Jesus was a man before Adam was created and man was created after the image of the man Jesus Christ. WRONG.

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