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Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
Welfare is not a sin, Why on earth would it be? I think it is a sin to not help people when they need it, the tithe, that goes to the storehouse that people pay, to recieve blessings from God, that was commanded, instead of using it for selfish gain, or things for the church example, the pastors new cadillac, a aniversary, a birthday, or just because the pastor feels you need to give money. The tithe is for the needy, the less fortunate, those widowed, that lost husbands, those children without two parents.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
All spanking should be done by 5yrs old, these are the molding years. I have 5 children, when they misbehaved i spanked them with a switch, small belt, bare hand. They have to be corrected, in order to learn. After redirecting, and given chances if time out does not work, spanking is necessary.You must make sure you are calm and acting out of love, otherwise you could damage your child, physically, and mentally.Also, all children are different some dont require spanking, others need it.Spanking older children is useless, it only makes them resent you, privledges, taking things away is more helpful

Healed Of Depression
What i stated was absolutly revelant to this topic. I do suffer with depression at times.It is something that runs in my family. i aslo notice that when I look at my problems and focus on them,i become depressed, God desires us to look to Him for all our problems, and He promises to give us peace, not as the world gives(medication), not just a quick fix,Isa26:3,John14:27, so when we do not focus on our problems, and rely totally on God we can have peace.Also the thorn in the flesh, was an ailment(physical), not a mental condition, something that kept paul praying to God, therefore bringing him to the conclusion that WE dont operate in our own stregnth, but God's when we are weak.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
I thought this was a blog about abortion and forgiveness, but your subject has took another route. I do have the Holy spirit, speak in tounges, and prophesy. I didnt get the Spirit from someone laying on hands, after years of terrying(waiting), on the day it happened i had chills all day, i actually thought i was sick,later that day, while praying i spoke in toungues. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, you have to be submitted and ready to recieve. After i recieved it the word came to life, it opened so many doors to me. It is truly a comforter,teacher, it even warns you about trouble.Seek the Lord, all who dont have it, it is vital for your walk with God!

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
The gift of speaking in toungues, unless it can be interpretated in the church serves no purpose. But for the believer with a prayer language(the ability to speak in toungues)does a wonder for himself, building himself up in the spirit. Prayer and intercession, Eph 6:18,Rom:8:26-27 For we know not what to pray for,but the Spirit that searches all things, the deep things of God, helps to pray for people. I do speak in tounges and know it to be a sign of the Spirit being made manifest and the evidence in the speaking. don,t think other christians that can not speak, are 2nd rate. We are all given a different gift according to the measure of our faith

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
God's Favor is truly better than money, Prov.12:2. that trip to the grocery store with not enough money, and a stranger buys what you couldn't, a bill mysteriously getting paid, getting a job with not all the job requirements, someone walking up giving you money, that you don't know. These are all examples of God's divine favor, when we obey Him and sacrifice and give what we have, we are blessed. The tithe is just 10% out of 100, just $10, whether it tis required or not, don't we owe God so much more? If we were to fall sick and not be able to work, who would we depend on? The reality is if we have stregnth to go to work, an able body, don't we owe God all the credit. Leave the politics alone, just tithe because it's right.

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
This gift is very important in the body of Christ, to distiguish between good and evil, and the true motives of a person. Firsthand, this is not a gift that is all blessing, I have been hurt knowing the true motives in people. Alot of prayer, fasting and concecrating to God is needed for this gift to be effective, as SELF needs to be moved out the way. A person truly needs to Walk in the Spirit. Visions and Dreams are a part of this gift,seeing spirits (evil and good.Please if you have this gift, or suspect you do, please pray and ask God to be your director, not man. Pray and fast, and keep a journal(dreams,visions,God speaking to you). And rest assured God will teach you what you need to know!

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
Rob, the scriptures you wrote support me, the Law is supported by works. When we become saved we put our trust in Jesus and our now justified with Christ, we are in sense NOT GUILTY. We don't trust in the Law, for our righteousness, but put our total faith in God, and through grace we are forgiven.vs 16Gal.2ch-knowing that man is not justified by the WORKS of the law, but by FAITH in Jesus Christ! Understand that everybody has their own interpretation of the scriptures but it takes wisdom and the Holy Spirit to unfold the word to you! The statures of the law are the same, just not the method. We as christians do not do those things, and if we do mess up, we have an advocate in Jesus.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
Rob, im sorry i said ron the last time this is directed at you. Where in the bible does it say that Jesus said not to follow the law? In the scripture i previously stated, Jesus didn't take away the law. Find one that He said we don't have to follow it! the law was under works, my dear brother, Jesus died we are now under grace, that means no animals have to be sacrificed = Jesus paid it all= He fulfilled the Law. This has nothing to do with tithing, the bible as a whole we follow/whether we think it is right or not. Because God dosent change like people do. Look at the 10 commandments, do we follow those as christians? the only difference is now we have Jesus and our sins are forgiven us, and our lives are hidden in Christ not about works.

Healed Of Depression
For the disciples to ask that question it had to be common, curses were very common in the OT, curses sometimes on the forth and fifth generation for disobedience sent by God. So yes some of these parents were guilty for causing calamity on thier children. Whether you want to argue this point back and forth in 2tim God does desire us to have a sound mind, whether it is sin, disobedience, a spiritual issue, God does not desire us to have it , He can heal it.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
2Corinthians 9:6-8 speaks of being a giver. People God does not change His word, He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Tell me this, do we live only by the new testement now? No Jesus did not come to abolish the law ,but to fullfill it Matt5:17, that means He died for you and me so thus no sacrifices need to made. Do you commit fornication,or steal,lie or put other things before God,it would't be christian like would it? The law was under works, if you broke the law you paid, the law was fulfilled because He died for all of our sins, we are under grace now. He paid, for us! So all scripture is profitable for us as believers from Gen-Revl.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
Opalgal: I agree with you wholeheartedly, and have experienced this first hand for myself. The tenth(tithe)is to be given to God, no questions off top. Ron- your scriptures don't support you at all,Acts is about someone trying to purchase the Holy Spirit, not about the tithe. Read Gen28:22,Lev:27:32,Is6:13 more importantly Mal2:8-12 we are blessed for tithing and cursed if we don't, so to the christian that's in doubt about tithing, whether you work or get benifits, Don't you know God blessed you to get that, or your health and stregnth to work: we owe God so much more, why shouldn't we give a tenth? If He supplies our every need!

I Need Proof Of God
Romans chapter 1,they are without excuse, the things of nature clearly show, that there is a God.. vs 19-20. Faith is needed, Heb11:6 it is impossible to please God without faith.jn20:29 The disciples believed because they saw Him, but wev'e never seen Him yet we believe. It's all about faith, we as christians(followers of Christ) have to have faith it's a must!

Healed Of Depression
John9:2-3 The disciples asked Jesus did sin from the parents occur for this man to be blind, Jesus replied neither but for the glory of God. Jn11:4 also states this. So it is safe to say sin and disease can occur from our ancestors it is a generational curse. But to those afflicted with depression , there is hope for you.How do we serve a God that can do the impossible, and not believe we can be healed. Though it may be chemically, or from birth, God has called us to have a sound mind 1Tim1:7. So this is very much a spiritual thing, and faith needs to be applied to this circumstance, and while your waiting praise Him for your miracle!

Am I A True Prophet
To all, I have a question, Has anyone on this blog recieved the gift of the Holy Spirit? Because i know some churches don't teach it, they just preach salvation and not the fullness. I must admit i got fed up with peoples views and the ignorance to God's Word. God's Word has not changed it is the same today, yesterday and forevermore. Through the Holy Ghost these things are possible, Rom12:6 Says we all have gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, for building the kingdom of God. We are all members to the body of Christ, we function differently, one may hear,one may see, one may lend a hand.If we don't know what God has called us to do,we must pray, if we don't understand someone else's gift we must pray.

I Am 19 And Love A 42 Year Old
Hi sweetie, I am married to a man that is 14yrs my senior. Although I am 34 and he is 48. We have a wonderful life, two beautiful children and we are a match made in heaven. We get along great, and no one has ever commented on our relationship. I know one thing about love is, when it finds you, it truly grabs you. I wasn't looking for him, it just unfolded. what you need to ask yourself is more importantly, is he a true man of God, does he genuinely love you ? that is far more important than age!

Can Ladies Wear Pants
This is one of the issues that i personally have had to deal with. I am a woman that is married but i don't wear dresses, skirts unless I'm at church or very seldom. This is a man made law, In the word Ex. it says woman should not wear clothing pertaining to men, but in those time men wore long robes and woman wore pants. They make pants for woman so we are not wearing men pants. Bottom line, pants will not get you to heaven or keep you out, but if your church requires it like mine does, wear them, so you won't be out of place or offend anyone. Then when you get home put those pants on.

Am I A Prophet Of God
Anne- I answered you this question before, John 10:4 explains this, if you know the word of God, then you know that God will not speak contrary to His word, that's how you know His voice, then when you have discernment that is given through the Holy Spirit,you can discern these things. no prophet is going to take the place of God, our gifts are to draw people to God, no other reason or motive should be present. If someone claims to be saved and they have the Holy Spirit down on the inside and they can't tell if they are hearing from the Lord or not , I think there is a problem, because the Word of God says we should know His voice and a stranger we will not follow. Also this is the last comment from me on this subject, SEARCH THE WORD

Am I A True Prophet
Anne- this is my final comment to you on this subject, If you can't hear God's voice, your not listening. God always speaks, through His word, in an audible voice, through a passerby. But if you do not have an ear to hear, you are cheating yourself. being saved is not limited to meditating on the word, prayer and praise are also major components. how do you think God answers prayers? He spoke to someone along the way! well i hope you find all the answers you need on this subject, i just don't have anything further i can say to you on this matter.

Healed Of Depression
No I would not tell a diabetic not to seek medical treatment. But that doesn't change the origin of the sickness, all sickness and disease does not originate from God, He actually died so that we wouldn't be bound to it Read Matt7:17,Is53:4-5, but as we all know while we are in this flesh, which will die, we will have sickness and disease. Jesus died so that we could have life and more abundantly. We can be healed, In the gospels when Jesus did His healing ministry, some were sick from sin their parents committed,some were sick just so God could get the glory, so others would believe. Depression is a small thing to God, he can and is able to deliver people from it, if it is His will.

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