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God Isn't Answering My Prayers
It is hard but we must wait on God. He says in his word "in HIS time, not ours". We may think God doesn't know what he is doing but exactly the opposite. He knows the future and knows exactly when the RIGHT time is for us and when it's not. Believe me, I know from experience. Not saying it is easy but for us to grow in Him, it is what we need to do. A lot of times we pray, we want things now and our way. Again, God has is own time and we can see the benefits when we do wait. Hope this helps.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I am very concerned over the Trillion Dollar debt to China.

The overtime activities of the printing presses. The ultimate result will be devaluing our currency.

Too much pork in the bailout.

AIG just gave millions of Dollars of bonuses to top executives, after declaring a losing final quarter. Bonuses for what and from where.(Tax Dollars)

This fat money Train is out of control and the brakes don't work. Out of control speaks disaster!

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
I wonder what would happen to JOs' crowd if he started to preach like Jesus did in the Bible...humm...probably the same thing that happened to Jesus' crowd in John 6:66 "From that [time] many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him." That happened because Jesus never was a motivational speaker. Although Jesus encouraged people many times, he never pampered people with nice words, just for the sake of pampering them. In fact the Bible say's that people looked upon him to be a respecter of no persons. I'm not judging brother Osteen, but I think the fact that crowds of people sit week after week and listen to that type of speaking only goes to show how (shallow) people have become in America. And I am a Pastor:)

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
My answer will not take 85 words to answer but, my answer to that is that God made us in his own image, not to change it to better ourselves.

Still My Wife In Heaven
I lost my wife Feb 10th, 2008.
She is In heaven with Jesus Christ and no longer plagued by disease and old emotional issues. Jesus Christ is our Savior and His love is perfect. I love her, I long to hold her and I can't wait to talk with her again. Next time it will be in our perfect bodies and not stained by the sins of this world. No more emotional barriers! What love will ever compare to that of our GOD?
I miss you Diane and I will serve Jesus Christ until we meet again.


Mike Huckabee For President
I wasn't familiar with Mike Huckabee until I received an edition of "New Man" christian magazine a few months ago. They wholeheartedly endorsed him and really gave me food for thought.
I have continued to follow Huckabee's campaign. He certainly appears honest and I also appreciate his candor.

What Kind Of Pastor
What kind of pastor do you have? I am a Pastor serving three churches. Therefore, I must depend upon "pastor friends" and a Pastor's Prayer Fellowship.
I am full time paid by the pool of resources from three churches.

One Way To Heaven
Exzucuh, you have a weak case there. Your fishing but no bites from non Catholics. Unless somebody lies and makes up a story, right there Jack?

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
The Rosary is not Biblical. Please show, me where in God's Word that it is.

Mary The Blessed Mother
It's Mary worship and they deny it. Talk about blind.

Church Promoting Da Vinci Code
Yes, the Church should be promoting the books showing the lies and deception of the Da Vinci Code

Should Christians Go Out Dancing
I tripped on a hymnal on the floor of the church once, somebody saw it, called the Pastor and I was accused of dancing. I danced right out of that church for good! I guess you self-destruct if you dance too much. At least in some churches.

Here Is A What's Up Blog
God bless you Pierr, I am so glad this is happening. May God 's blessings be on your life.

Here Is A What's Up Blog
Please continue to pray for Israel. This is very important!

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