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Can I Steal A Singers Recordings
What do you mean since he is already getting paid. It has nothing to do with anything. Don't try to justify a WRONG by thinking like this. Thieves think like this, and that's why it causes a chain reaction because he may be bitter with you and this could cause him to sin and believe it or not in some circumsatances people get murdered for stealing, because people can get passionate about their stuff!

Why Do Churches Baptize Babies
Babies don't know whats going on here people! I guess you would believe anything the catholic church throws at you. You love the catholic way more than you love the living and true God.

Too Early To Marry Again
I agree with Bruce. Why were you even looking for another- and dating for that year BEFORE you were even divorced!?... Perhaps all of that energy shouldve been put into counseling, or trying to make your "marriage" work!?...

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