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Books Missing From The Bible
The early church fathers had lengthy, earnest debates about which books were legitimate. They voted which books to keep.

Should Christians Play With Cards
stephanie- I was one of those who said playing cards is a sin. I used to think if you only played certain card games & didn't gamble or do anything evil with them, that it wasn't sin. Also I felt certain that Go Fish and Old Maid were fun kid's games to keep kids occupied. But one day the Holy Spirit convinced me that playing cards is a sin because it is the appearance of evil that can cause others to stumble.

Ghosts Of The Dead
kathr- The holy of holies does not exist on earth any more, but they say there is one in Heaven. Heaven and Paradise are two different places.

Take A Mans Last Name
Genesis 5:2 - "Male and female He created them, and blessed them and called their name Adam...."

All Abortions Be Illegal
Yes. Abortion is murder.

Speaking In Tongues From Satan
Because some people lie and fake it. The real Holy Spirit does not make a spectacle of a person, but leads them in all righteousness.

Will Pets Be Raptured Too
No - pets will not be raptured. God plainly stated He would come back for His people.

Did God Create Sin Or Did We
God did not create sin.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
Even birth control is not a choice. Sexual intimacy is for a woman to conceive a baby. God meant for the baby to be born. God did not mean for people to lust for flesh - it is sin. Having a baby is not sin.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
Don't spank the child. Jesus Christ said for us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. He did not condone violence. The verse about spare the rod spoil the child was written by a man, and wasn't a direct command from God. Jesus said for us not to offend children. (Matthew 18: 6) He meant more than one thing by that.

Instead of spanking, you should try lovingly to teach him to do what you want him to do. Be patient with him and show him what you mean for him to do or not do. Try hugging him and kissing him, tell him he is good and smart. Don't take minor offenses too seriously. Teach him to love and not be violent. Don't let your husband spank him.

Should Christians Have TVs
Tv is a problem for those who have a problem with lust. Men and women look for things on tv to emulate, but nothing on tv is worthy of copying. Probably you'd be better off looking for Christ.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
Absolutely not. But it is needed.

Do The Blogs Change You
I only wish I could have had access to blogs like this when I was a teenager/younger adult. It might could have influenced me to make better decisions.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Robyn- God does not want Christians to compromise with the world. Christians are called out from the world not to be mean or harsh towards others, but to show them the way Jesus Christ would have us live. God meant for it to be a plain difference between His people and pagans. They were supposed to be different spiritually, in action, and in looks. No cuttings, no piercings, etc.

Take A Mans Last Name
Why not? If you are married you should have his name. Would you want people to think he is single? Read all about it. You two are one flesh - you should have one last name.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
No. Abortion is murder.

Should Christians Play With Cards
Playing cards is a sin. Avoid the very appearance of evil.

How Do Jews Atone For Sins
kathr- No, I am not a Hindu, are you? I am a blood-bought Christian - I belong to Jesus Christ. It seems you have Benny Hinn on your mind more than I do. I never think of him unless someone mentions him. From what I read about Benny Hinn and his wife, they are deceivers and blasphemers. Jesus Christ was not a Hindu, either. He is the one that told us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. If we send curses, we will be cursed in return. If we are wicked to someone, God will see to it that we will come in contact with people who will be wicked to us. If we give evil instead of good, we will receive evil. If we take vengence, we will receive vengence. That's what it's all about, girl. Be still and know that He (God) is God.

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