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Is This The Rapture
Rev.4:1 can be compared to the "Rapture" in I Thess.4:13-14 [Starship Enterprise], Paul's trip to the 3rd Heaven, Enoch being taken by G_d to His Heaven, Elijah's trip to Heaven in a fiery chariot propelled by a whirlwind (someone went to 'Oz' that way), among other things. Read what John wrote in Rev.5:1-(*13)14. By personal examples I try to show how some 'tales'/stories originate from the scriptures, not man [The Longest Day of Joshua & "The Day The Earth Stood Still", etc].

What Religion Was Jesus
I don't think Christ practiced any religion as such, as He came "not to destroy The Law & Prophets, but to fulfill them", making their true intent known to G_d's lost sheep, who had moved far left & right of what He originally intended for them as a 'called out people'. Look around the Christian & Jewish world's today to visualize what He faced during His brief stay on earth! G_d never intended mankind to be religious, but a worshipper of Him [Jn.4:23-24, James 1:26-27]!

Is Scripture Alone Correct
If scriptures cannot stand on their own merits, all Talmidin [disciples/followers/believers] of Christ are in Big Trouble. Why is Christmas now considered a 'secular' holiday? Must be a reason! Peter [on the Day Of Pentecost, a converted Saul of Taursus, Apollos, Phillip (Acts 8:26-40)] & all others stood on the 'old testament' scriptures alone [as did Christ Jesus] in proving points & answering critics, are we now smarter than they? II Tim.3:16-17, nothing added, nothing taken away!

Am I A Prophet Of God
"Despise not prophecyings, Prove all things, hold fast to that which is [right]..", remembering "if a [person] bear witness of [themselves], there witness is not true ...". Bottom Line? "Try the spirits by the spirits .....". Let G_d make your 'rod' bud!

Who Is Riding The White Horse
Compare Rev.6:1-2 to Rev.19:11-16, and what follows each rider. Oxymoron, or just interesting?

Jewish Temple Rebuilt In Israel
Plans to rebuild what will be the last Jewish temple has been in the works for years, probably since the 6 day war or earlier. Scholars, engineers, etc are constructing a fabricated temple using modern technology that can quickly put it in place. Garments for the High priest are finished. They also expect to find large amounts of oil at/near the Dead Sea Soon. Many will be shaken off their religious "fences" in 2006! Maranatha!

Pharaoh Stop Hardening Of Heart
Pharaoh no doubt had chances in his life to [repent] "unharden" his heart. By not doing so Echad/God evidently gave Pharoah over to a reprobate mind. Repentance became impossible then. Echad/God knows the hearts of men using, setting aside/ordaining them for his glory. Remember Judas Ischariot, or how Egypt was blessed because of Joseph's reforms & The Abrahamic Covenant? "offences must come, but woe to the man by whom they come".

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