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Salvation Through Sacraments
I graduated from a very old 400yo university, and now with a Grad Dip in Theology and never it was taught that salvation is only through the sacraments even before Vatican II. Protestants used to attack Catholics that way probably because meeting traditional cultural Catholics who are caught with the sacraments and the novenas. Grace is a very sacred and revered term in the RCC.

I Don't Understand Catholic Family
True Christian Churches accept the Blessed Trinity and infant baptism, not dedication. The RCC is the mother of all. The Pope represents Christianity. To be a good Catholic is to be a good Christian first. The RCC preaches renewal, transformation, rejuvenation, conversion rather than "to be born again", easiest way to be understood. Cathechism articles are all taken from the Bible explained clearly. Others proseletyze instead of allowing the person to be renewed. Ex-Catholics come back discovering that they did not seek their faith first. RCC preaches the Gospel of love not fear. Faith, good works and love is only possible by the grace of God. Salvation is when the Blessed Trinity is alive in one's being not just Jesus.

Children In Abusive Homes
If you dont want the same for you rchildren then why are you even taking the risk and staying with him? He may not ever abuse the children but if he abuses you then theres a chnace the children might see it which is just as painful for them. Think of your child.
good luck!

My Husband Is Unfaithful
I gave my husband an ultimatum. He chose me over his mistress. Later I found out that he was still seeing her. I filed for divorce. He didn't want one. I gave him one last chance to prove himself(18 yr marriage and 3 boys). It's been 2 years and he has remained faithful. God wanted me to change first by showing love, kindness to my husband. I trusted God. I waited for His deliverance. You will know what to do when you have hit your bottom. Keep praying for God's will for you, and your marriage. Celia

The Meanings of Jehovah
The names of the Lord Jehovah are a responce of His people to His doings. To ABRAHAM in the mountains it was in Gen 22:14 JEHOVAH-JIREH ,The Lord will provide. To MOSES in the valley of Masah and Meribah it was in Exodus 17:15 JEHOVAH-NISSI The Lord is my banner. To the israelis in Exodus 15:26 it was JEHOVAH-ROPHE. To Gedeon it was JEHOVAH-SHALOM in Judges 6:24. forgive my english I am a mexican. In His Love, Celia Hernandez.

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