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Christians Not Under The Law
David,Jesus was born a Jew under the law. They called him teacher. He taught and lived under the law. As long as He was alive, so was the law. He went to Temple worship. He never told them to stop Temple worship. The killing of animals was their only means of seeking forgiveness, animal blood poured out for them.
When Christ went to the cross He became the final sacrifice...The last one. Anyone trying to follow the law today would have to go back to killing animals and fulfilling all the other parts of the law.
The people had faith in what God said through the profits, That a savior was coming, and they believed it was Jesus.

Christians Not Under The Law
David and Francis, The Bible says that Abraham was saved by faith, he believed God and his obedience proved it.(Rom.4:3)
In Luke7:50, Jesus told the woman her faith had saved her.
Those that believed that Jesus was the Christ were saved by that same faith because Jesus said they were forgiven. He was saying He had the authority to forgive them, by forgiving them he spared them the punishment they deserved. They were saved by faith.

Let's Introduce Ourselves
My name is Eunice. I am a widow and a grandmother. I live on top of a mountain in up-state NY. I study the Bible every day, read books and bake in the winter. In the summer I garden, can and freeze. I also love flowers and have many flower beds. Before I retired I operated an assisted living home.
I'm new to this blog( or any blog) and enjoy everyones contributions, Thanks for all the insight!

Does Sin Have To Stop
The mercy granted by God is forgivness, no penality for the crime, a free gift, if you believe Jesus Christ. There are no strings attached. Just recieve it.

Christians Not Under The Law
Mark V, then we should all pray for him. Only God can open his heart and mind to the truth. God bless

Christians Not Under The Law
David, The law could not save anyone. The law can only show us our guilt. Grace is the result of the cross.
Jesus could only teach the law because He was a Jew living under the law, and it would have been a sin to do otherwise.
The resurrected Jesus Christ, no longer under the law (because His death did away with the penalty of the law ) gave the gospel of grace to Paul by revelation. This new salvation by grace had been a mystery until then. Before this, they thought they had to keep every law to be saved (which no one could, except Jesus). Jesus died for the forgiveness of breaking the laws (sin).

Practice Speaking In Tongues
The Bible is very clear that speaking in tongues is speaking a known language, one that is understood to edify the listener, the speaker, or both. When someone speaks a tongue, it is unknown sounds that may edify the speaker only. Paul does not condemn tongue, but suggests it can cause confusion.

Can You See God
You can see God the same way you see air or the wind. You can see what it does but not where it comes from or where it goes. There is great power in the wind, it can lift you up, or knock you down. You can feel the air as it fills your lungs, and you know it is keeping you alive, you don't question that. You know the air is there by what the air does. Once you know God, you see Him in everything He does. A small child can understand this, but it is foolishness to those that think they are wise.

Christ's Death At Calvary
Jesus said, "it is finished". Everything was accomplished on the cross. We are saved by faith alone, faith in what Jesus Christ accomplished for us all.

Christians Not Under The Law
Everything Jesus said during his earthly ministry He said as a Jew under the law, to Jews under the law. It is only after His death and resurrection that grace is revealed to take the place of the law for salvation.
If you are saved by grace you will not be judged for your sins, Jesus has already been punished for those, you will be judged for you rewards.

Was Jesus Married
It is said that -in sin shall a woman conceive. So are you saying that Jesus married and had sex...not true as he was the spotless Son of God and in Him was no sin. He was a sinless sacrifice to bring us to Him. His Bride is the Church.

Struggling With Things In My Life
Dear mara,
I will tell you that there is no christian without a worldly struggle of some kind. We all have struggles and this is what makes us christians. The devil will always target God's children and we need to fight, not on our own but with christ.So please hold on to what you have and know.God will surely see you out of it all. If you don't mind you can share your struggle with me,I might be able to help .I have also had the worst struggles but am still holding on.God bless you.Eunice.

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