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Can I Pierce My Nose
In this blog you are talking about body piercing. And one of you said that that you would not recommend piercing for Christians other than women piercing their ears because that is a cultural norm. But Jesus said that we are to be in the world not of it. I believe that we are not to wear anything that would draw attention to ourselves like jewelry. Our body is the Lord's temple by pearcing it it is like we are putting stuff of the world on the Lord's temple and i don't believe that that is right.

Can You Marry Twice
Make sure you're not unequally yoked, no matter how you feel. There's only one 'unpardonable' sin, and it's not about marriage or remarriage, if indeed you are sinning. Are you feeding your 'inner man' by reading God's Word, how is your prayer life or church fellowship? Your answers may be found in these scriptures, James 1:5, I Jn.1:1>10, 3:18>24. Kathryn Kuhlman's "Daughter Of Destiny" may also be of help to you. Shalom.

Why Is America Still In Iraq
So we can keep our freedoms! Not to mention similarities between Pearle Harbor and 9/11. Better there than here. Prayers are being answered everyday. War is war! This spiritual battle is showing all it's cruelties naturally [IICor.10:4-5], hence the blind hatred for America, Christians and Jews! May God grant you peace and safety for your son and all our at risk personel. As one serviceman told his mother, "mom, now it's my turn to take care of you", while home on leave from Iraq. Maranatha!

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