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How Do You Repent
A powerful way to repent and receive forgiveness is by going to a catholic priest to have your confession heard. Because the authority to forgive was given to the apostles by Jesus Christ "whose sin you forgive shall be forgiven" ... it is given to all bishops and the bishops pass this authority to the priest by the sacrament of Holy Orders which comes from the bishop laying his hands on the priest during an ordination this has been going on for 2000 years!

Moderator - Only God can forgive sin; not a Priest. The Roman Catholic Church was formed in the 5th century, therefore has little to do with the Apostles.

How Do You Get Saved
in the end what will save men will be the charity they lived out in their lives. For in the end Christ will seperate the goats from the sheep... he will say "I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink... in prison and you visited me..." We need to see Christ in all since we are All created in His image! Regardless what church or religion we belong to!

Moderator - That may be a fruit of being saved, but it isn't how one becomes saved.

Wonder If I Will Ever Get Married
the fact that many are not getting married is a sign of the times- so much sin in the world and a lack of relationship with God... many are getting married not as a covenantial relationship between man and God as God intended... too few take the commitment seriously and i'm sure this grieves God very much.

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