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Constitutional Rights Restricted
---KarenD on 12/28/13 "Moderator never did explain why "we" were put on no fly list."

Karen, the more important question the moderator never answered was who were WE?

The moderator clearly assumes it was because he/she is a Christian

Is that a real assumption? We cannot know, because we are never provided with sufficient evidence

Was the moderator even TOLD he/she was on the watch list? Or was the moderator just assuming it?

I do not know. In Jewish law, you were expected to say everything. The moderator did not........

What Is The Rapture
The rapture occurs in Revelation chapter 11, and only two witnesses are involved. this is not a lot of people, so don't expect millions to be caught up. Raptures are typically for the few like Elijah and apostle Paul. I believe this rapture has already happened for atleast one person I know.

Church Furniture Grows Church
Mostly trying to keep new members in the church. People will often use a church remodel to keep the church "fresh" if you will by keeping up with the times. I've seen over the last 22 years church's move away from pew to chairs for example for lots of reasons, cost, design, value but time and time again they tell me and my staff that it's bc they are wanting to expand the church and they want to keep the church building modern and new for the new church members that may have arrived in the last couple years.

We Want To Leave Church
Get out while you have you still have your sanity. Don't let the church drain you that's not the way God intended for it to be.. He want's his people to be happy..

Supernatural God Experience
Visions are definitely true and real experiences. We should always use the Word to judge our experience. It is true that no one has seen the Father. We must remember that Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He will definitely visit us as He visited Paul in Acts 9. Phillipians 1 15-18 makes it clear that we are to celebrate that Jesus is being preached. Even if you don't have a crazy supernatural encounter He will definitely do for all what He has done for one. It is also impossible for Satan to come preaching the Gospel. The Bible says a kingdom cannot be divided against itself. The kingdom of darkness cannot come preaching Jesus. I pray the Lord blesses all of you, in Jesus name.

Is Prince Charles The AntiChrist
Prince Charles is a freemason and a member of the satanic Illuminati. Prince Charles was anointed into the 33rd degree at Anglo-Saxon Lodge No.343...same as Aleister Crowley. A member of the freemason elite OTO or Ordo Templi Orientis. Prince Charles is a very evil man.

Cain And Abel Wifes
Cain and Able were the FIRST. It says so in the bible. If you believe the bible you have to accept the planet was populated via incest.

Favorite Christian TV Show
PS- The Program was an Animated Cartoon.

Favorite Christian TV Show
Hi, this is more of a question than a reply, but around the time I was 7-10 I use to watch a movie series / TV series around in the 1990s. It had two Archeologist. 1 Man, 1 Woman, and they had a boy with them named Mokey. The program started with them digging, then they would fall though the sand and find a secret chamber with a giant door infront of them. When they went through the door it took them to a different biblical moment in history per episode that they would then relive and interact with the people of that time. Please can anyone tell me the name of the series I can't seem to find it. Thank you soooo much. JC

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
Why do you have to forgive her? What did she do to you?

What Is Word Of Faith
All I can say is, Kenneth Copeland minstries has blessed me immensely
I got ahold of some Kenneth Copeland tapes, and God used his ministry to turn my life around. As for tongues and other "minors", you should ask someone who actually speaks in tongues. As for healing and prosperity, did you ever take time to read about Solomon and the Temple. Did you read how many talents of gold expended on it. Does God say how it was too rich for Him. Also, about this thing about money. Psalms 112:3 says "wealth and riches shall be in his house". Wealth isn't the problem, serving God with it is what matters.
I pray that God will show you this.
Be blessed in the Lord brother or whoever wrote this.

Sinless At Salvation
It is not about sin, or faith. It is about a personal relationship with the Father. Jesus did his job to close the gap between us and God now it our job to capitalize on that and finally take part in the relationship with the Father that we were created for. If you are not doing that your definition of salvation is at jeapordy. The Fathers love is perfect and he wants to share it with you.

Christians Act Opposite Of Love
Becoming a Christian should mean an ability to repent if confronted about something clearly wrong. Jesus said to confront first privately, then 1 or 2 more, and then before the church. If there's no repentance, assume they're not a Christian. I see nothing wrong with treating so-called Christians who live without love, as heathens. Christians are known by their love, right?

Who is Myles Munroe?
Much of what Munroe says about our position in the Kingdom is good. I'm afraid off on the property issue. I minister overseas. I cannot own property within this area for many reasons, culturally and lawfully. Am I not operating within Kingdom principles? NO. If the people see I love them and their culture and respect their laws I will win many over. That is not the same as condoning their sin and the ungoldy way they do things. What wins people to Christ. Owning property or loving the hell out of them?

I Am Feeling Unappreciated
This is very good and interesting
For as long as you do your part it is okay. Being generous is a blessing and you do not have to expect something in return.
The Bible clearly says that when you give your reward is in heaven and dont even talk about it for God knows all that.
Keep it up and do not worry God will reward you abandantly

Why Didn't Jesus Write Books
Thank you all so much for you time. I appreciate you all enduring with my scribblings. I truly hope that this aided in clarifying some things with this subject. Whatever you doin word or in deeddo it to glorify God and advance His kingdom. Remain faithful to God and His work. Keep on the Narrow Path! Take care and God bless!

Love in Christ,
God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

Why Didn't Jesus Write Books
His mission was dyingHe accomplished that. He neither did nor would write a book. His disciples did thataccurately. They present different viewpoints, but ALL describe the same proceedings. We need not inquire outside the Bible, and should not desire more than God gave usHe, in sovereignty, willed that we acquire the amount of accounts we affirm and no additional ones, we should apply our time in the Word that He acquainted to us, and not seeking the word He not imparted.

Why Didn't Jesus Write Books
Jesus would not have written anything, and I can prove the point that OK stated. You can perceive (though you need not to observe intently) that Christians are ALWAYS calling deteriorating ancient pieces of junk sacred and holy--claiming that they held some form of supernatural power. Hundreds of authentic nails from the cross; many yards of Jesus robe; thong of Peters sandal; breast milk from Mary; and so on. Humans overvalue holy things, and Jesus book would be the top of the list!

Why Didn't Jesus Write Books
Dear all,

First, I apologize for submitting this in pieces, but I was limited to the amount of words.

To start, Jesus was the word of God (John 1:1), as several people previously stated. I do not claim to be more spiritual or possess more understanding than you all, but I hope to assist in the discussion to conclude more accurately to the truth, revealed by the written Word. All that we must know is recorded in the entire 66 books of the Bible!

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