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Can I Marry A Non-Christian
refering to Matthew6:32-33,Father knows what you need indeed, what God believe nice all will be given to you, better to focus on things in His kindom first, and let God take the control. I would say wait, stay with Spirit and ask what He want you to do, if your heart is willing to listen, you will hear His voice.

Distance Learning Degrees Valid
Darlene is correct. It's similar to the difference between a GED and the High School diploma. The GED is not equitable to the HS diploma.

Is Javier Solana The Anti-Christ
Solana is Not a jewish person, can,t be the antichrist for that alone.

I Hate My Husband
I actually got divorced two years ago from my abusive, controlling and violent christian husband. His christian friends prayed for my downfall after the divorce but God has blessed me in many ways and I don't have any regrets. There is absolutaly no way I can stay married to an abusive man especially if he claims to be a christian. A godfearing man is suppose to honor and love his wife.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
It is not for you to question what another person makes, and God does not disfavor those who are wealthy simply because they are wealthy. If they have made the money they have doing honest work, then I feel they are receiving the blessings of God. If they are dishonest, then God will take care of that Himself. Do not judge, do not begrudge others the prosperity God has promised believers, do not jump to conclusions. Look at all people through Christ's loving eyes.

Distance Learning Degrees Valid
Darlene is correct. It's similar to the difference between a GED and the High School diploma. The GED is not equitable to the HS diploma.

Pastor's Wife Is A Divorcee
After many years of being divorced and remarried, I still don't believe that God sees me living a sinful life now. The first husband was a drug dealer, a pimp, abandoned us periodically, etc. What a horrible life!

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
I believe he is a true prophet in this day and age. He confessed his sin and asked forgiveness; therefore, he was forgiven and is a godly man. He is the best teacher I have listed to. There were great men in the bible who sinned but God forgave them. We are human and all have sinned.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
If Joel Olsteen only makes $200,000 a year then his church is getting a bargain. He always seems to uplift. As the daughter of a minister, it is a seven day job. Most churches have annual reports which lists expenditures. If athletes and movie stars can command millions, how can anyone condemn a paster who makes a modest 200,000 salary. What person would want to become a Christian if they thought it was a vow of poverty. God does not expect that. Most pastors pay tithes and taxes on their salaries.

I Want Some Penpal Friends
Also interested in penpal only; can be interesting and uplilfting way to coummunicate now and then. . .God bless you with a great day!

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
Christians are Christians all the time, even in sleep. Pastors are Pastors 24/7. Their whole thought processes, experiences and lifestyle, prepare or prevent effectiveness in representing Christ. They need a lot of support, in prayer, consolation and otherwise. Pastoring (shepherding souls into eternal rest)is the hardest job on earth.

I have one question, and I will be checking back for the answer: Who's in charge of your Church family when your Pastor is on vacation, paid or unpaid?

How Do I Make The Pain Stop
With my husband's unfaithfulness, I experienced a gamut of emotions, and settled on: "I did not care". I lived like it never happened, until one day God spoke to me, and told me to forgive my husband. I answered that I did not have the ability to. He showed me how He forgave me for my unfaithfulness to Him. He helped me transferred His forgiveness to me, to my husband. I don't feel that pain any more. I feel no ill for myself, my husband, nor his new lady friend. God, works heart miracles.

My Husband Just Left Me
I have been through a similar situation this year. I advise to find a good attorney and make him pay for the attorney. I did this and prayed. I am back together with my husband after he learned he made a very expensive mistake.

Witness Through The Old Testement
There are several Web sites for "Jews For Jesus". They might be very helpful.

Witness Through The Old Testement
Although not Scripture I would recommend you get books by Michael Esses. He is a Christian that used to be a Rabi. I think his first one was "Michael, Michael, Why Do You Hate Me" which is his encounter with Jesus, followed by "Jesus in Geneses" and "Jesus In Exodus" I found them to be very enlightening.

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
If you marry an unbeliever there would always be conflict over Church attendance, things he would rather you do on your day of Worship, how would any children be brought up in respect to Christianity. It would not be worth it. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians to not be yoked with unbelievers.

How To Forgive My Husbands Affair
If the husband was unfaithful give him, his new wife and the whole situation to God. My husband filed for a divorce after over 40 years to marry another woman. I am very greatful I don't have to put up with a lot of his behaviors and have moved on in life. No it has not been easy but with the Lord you can forgive and can also move on to a life without him. Life is too short to harber bitterness.

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