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Feminist Movement From Satan
According to the history books I've read, it started out just a quest for equality. The right to vote, etc. These days it seems the women want the power over the men, and to switch roles instead of equalize them. While I am in agreement with equality, I choose to adhere to the role that God has given me as a female.

Parable Of The Prodical Son
I've always put the emphasis on the son because that was the part I related to, but I'm sure others have at times put emphasis on the Father, or even the second son, depending on what the Lord was revealing to them at the time. That's what is so great about God's Word, it never tires, never gets old, there is always a nugget of truth to pull out of the scripture that you hadn't found the first or even seventh time through it.

Is Sanctification Important To God
Well, Susie, given you already know the answer to your own question, I will just say that I agree with you. LOL. That's not to say I think everything is bad, but we certainly need to make choices. These things influence us more than most of us would like to admit. It's very subtle at times, but it's still there. If one knows God's character, and has the HS dwelling within them, they will know right from wrong, and their life will show which path they chose in their hearts.

Christians Obey Authority
The answer is in these blogs. We all think we know everything, lol. I can't tell you how many times I've been burned because I said, thanks God, but I can handle this. Gulp! It's in my nature to be rebellious, but gratefully God has his ways of keeping me in line. :)

Are Death Bed Salvations Real
The two scriptures that come to mind are in Isaiah when we are told that God's ways are higher than ours (we can't put him in a box, or assume we know his every move), and then in the NT when Jesus tells the theif on the cross that he will see him today in paradise. I don't recall him saying the sinner's prayer, do you? And yet, he was saved right before he died. I'd say that was a bonified deathbed repentance, wouldn't you?

Biggest Challenge For Church
Whew! What ISN'T a challenge? lol. There are too many to list, and it does no good to put our focus there, for we cannot change our neighbor. We can't even change ourselves apart from God's help! When we see something going on that is wrong in the church, I would challenge us not to gripe about it, but pray about it. Prayer is our greatest tool in seeing change.

How To Fall Out Of Love
Unfortunately there isn't a formula for this. What worked for me, may not work for you. All I can say is that if you put God first, as you say you are, and lay this at his feet (over and over again if needed), eventually those feelings will decrease. Perhaps you have both unknowingly allowed one another to fill a void that God wants to fill. If true, it is daunting to imagine life without one another. If this is the case, a break from eachother, and quality time with God would do you both some good.

How To Fall Out Of Love
Branch out, and find some more friends to hang out with. Pick up a hobby. Make yourself less available to his every whim. Although he is a good and godly man, and means you no harm, if you continue doing what you two have always done, it's going to eat you up. He'll be fine because he's getting from you everything he wants or needs. But what are you receiving in return? Heartache? That's not a healthy relationship...

Senator Suing God
I read a brief article on it. Yes, the guy is an Aethist, but from what I gathered his whole point wasn't to attack God, but to point out that people sue for ridiculous things these days. He was making a statement. The funny thing is, he was answered! A letter mysteriously appeared. It was a reply from "God". The Senator had no comments at the time.

Can Christians Smoke
My personal view on smoking -I think on the verse where Paul states that all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial. I am afraid I can't quote it at the moment, but I would think this falls into that category. While I don't think it's a sin against God, it isn't a healthy habit, and isn't taking good care of your "temple". I think overeating falls into this category as well...

Are Pentacostals A Cult
Perhaps you can do some research on the original Pentacostal movement, and how it branched out from there, and then draw your own conclusion. I personally do not believe it is a cult, but rather some groups within the Pentacostal denomination have been misled in their use of the gifts.

Lay Treasures Up In Heaven
We press into God. We get to know him personally. We seek first the kingdom of God. We seek after righteousness and sanctification in our life. We allow God to work in and through us. As we grow closer to God, he changes us from within, and our treasures no longer lay in our bank account, our looks, or the new Nordstrom's catalog.

Lusting After My Pastor
While I understand John's point, I don't know that I would talk to her about it. That would just open a big can of worms. I'd find someone you know that would hold you accountable, and tell them you are attracted to him, but know that God doesn't want you entertaining those thoughts, and to help keep you accountable. Then I'd start looking for another church. Why stand in front of temptation if you don't have to?

God's Will For My Job
I'd assess the situation. Is your husband wanting you to move on into something that is more beneficial to you, and your family, or would it add stress and strife to your life? Is your current job adding stress and strife to your life, or do you enjoy it? I'm of the belief that when it comes to jobs, go with what makes sense and is conducive (sp?) to your lifestyle. What do you value in a job? What do you need from a job? Etc., etc.

Husband Never Speaks To Me
Terry, hey girl! I hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my Dear Abby line. I just didn't want you to do anything drastic or hasty based on something we might have said. I realize it's a confusing time for you, and it's nice to have someone to bounce it off of. There's nothing wrong with sharing, I just wanted to encourage you to go to the scriptures, and seek out wisdom from on high. God is with you. Seek his face, he'll show himself to you, and bring you comfort along the way.

Change As A Christian
I used to think, no I wouldn't, because it's made me who I am today, but now I'm not so sure I agree with that statement. GOD has made me who I am today. HE has given me a second chance to live my life right, and he has blessed me. I am no longer that same person that I was, and so yes, I would change some things if given the chance, if not for me, for my husband. My past has given me a testimony, but it has not shaped who I am today. To be cont.

Change As A Christian
Part 2: Although I would make some changes, it is not because of shame or guilt, for God has forgiven me. It is possible to have regrets, but not live in condemnation the rest of your life over it. I know that sounds like a contradiction. I mean to say it's possible to move on from a bad experience, but that doesn't mean you forget about it completely and forever.

Announce People's Tithing
Susie, isn't that what happens to all the blogs? LOL. We always rabbit trail down some path of debate, and the original question is lost in the debris. The irony here is that people are correcting others while they themselves are guilty of the same thing. I guess that just goes to show that we need to be quick to admit when we are wrong, and not take ourselves so seriously.

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