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Explain Genesis 6:6-7
alan that is dangeourous theology.

Christians Celebrate Halloween
As kids my parents allowed us to go trick or treating but explained to us that it was just for fun and would never allow us to dress up as anything demonic or satanic. We were always clowns or animals or something of that sort. Several years ago my church started a Harvest Festival that is held every Halloween. It is a great witnessing opprotunity for our chruch.

Did Jesus Die On A Cross
cliff--I am a student of History and if you will read about the time in which Jesus was crucified you will see that the Romans (who sentenced Jesus) Crucified their victoms on a post with a cross beam. It was reserved for thiefs and inserectionists (sp?) that were not roman citizens. A stake with his hands over his head is not only unbiblical but it is unhistorical

No Gender TNIV Bible Acceptable
TNIV stands for Todays New International Version. They have made over 3000 changes of singular nouns to plural nouns, changes to brother, son, and father. They didn't make God a "parent" but this is opening the door to that and that is really scary.

Moses Step Mothers Name
Wasn't Ramses III the pharaoh at the time of Moses. If he was then he is a pretty well documented Pharaoh and you should be able to find out what his sisters or daughters name was.

Can You Loose Your Salvation
I just have to say "Lupe you are exactly right". GOD IS SOVRIEGN. He is the ruler of the winds and the waves and he is the ruler of our lives. For all of you others out there do not try to put your selves above God. His grace is more than enough. You are not bigger or stronger than God. Read 1st John. It says that those who went out from us were never one of us.

Do Sinners Go To Heaven
The problem with the Gospel as it is taught today is that it is watered down. People teach that if you walk an aisle and say a prayer that you are saved and that is it Eloy is right it is an everyday thing it isn't just that day when you were saved. It is every morning when you wake up saying "God here am I send me". It is so much more than going to church on Sunday.

Explain The Trinity Doctrine
The mormans belive that if they are a good morman that they can become gods

Were There People Before Adam
Here is the difference. It is called a gene pool (We have science for a reason). when there are many generations of close relation ofsprings born, defects began to show up. But that is only after a while. with Adam and Eve that wouldn't have happened. Chances are they probably had the best genes of anyone in creation and so their kids wouldn't have had the incest problems that occur today. Remember the laws were given not only for moral reasons they were also to protect the Isrealites

Were There People Before Adam
Ok guys first of all, God said he created a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) and told them to be fruitfull and multiply. There were no other people and so they would have had to marry their close relatives.

Explain The Trinity Doctrine
Cliff--So you belive that there are three different Gods? Isn't that in of itself wrong? Why is it so hard to belive that God might have been talking to himself? Is it beyond the power of God to seperate himself into three parts? We are human and there are alot of things that we don't understand. Do you understand how God was able to create the world in seven 24 hour days? Do you understand revelations? Do you even truly understand how it is possible for Jesus to save you? No! Its called FAITH.

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