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Can Christians Do Drugs
Smoking Marijuana is the same sin that smoking cigarettes would be. It causes health problems. I used to smoke frequently (7-10 grams per week) for a number of years for pain and recreational use. I quit once i got saved and turned from living for self and changed to live in the spirit for God. It is also illegal to sell or posess it and the bible tells us to obey the laws of our leaders except where it causes us to sin against God. So the answer is that it clearly is against God.

Who is Paula White?
I think Paula has an excellent message and appeals to people who may not otherwise be exposed to Christ. Who are we to judge Paula? No one can judge her except God. Always remember this fellow Christians. Nothing worse than being a hypocrite!

Divorced Woman Bishop
Women are not authorized to be bishops (read I Tim. 3). A bishop must the the husband of one wife, and homosexuality is condemned. So therefore, women cannot be bishops.

Should I Stay With My Husband
I could give you advice, but I don't know enough to give you advice.

Prayer does work. That's what I do know.

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