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Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
joyce meyers has done nothing but help me over come my fears through the bible and her spiritual teachings. She has made me look at others through the eyes of the lord and not through wickedness. I owe her alot for loving me and my family and by her teachings...I now know that jesus loves me no mater what sins I have created within and that as long as I have faith Iam to let go and give it to GOD... Lorraine

Can God Forgive Repeated Sins
would God forgive repeated sins? YEs he does.In the bible Jesus says how often should you forgive your brother 70 times 7 . meaning everytime someone hurts us. the same way with God., he forgives us each and everytime if we are truely sorry. this is what i have been taught and i BELIEVE.

What Is Predestination
Not only is it the ordering of life of the righteous for His good purpose, but it is also for our own salvation.
What we do in life is of our own free will,I believe we put God`s will first. It`s all about that!!!

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Yup. Married 14 years, 7 kids, home-schooling mom, with an abusive Narcissist.

What did I do?

Catholic Church And Hitler
Caring, I would love to have a Vatican Passport. Perhaps George is upset because he can't run for president in Vatican City.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Exodus 25:18-20; Numbers 21:8; 1 Kings 7:25-29. God doesn't object to art - He is the greatest artist that ever was. The Catholic Church existed before the printing press and during ages where not everyone could read. The statues, stained glass windows, and other art forms were there for educational purposes to explain the Bible. More modern Catholic Churches are far less "decorated" because more of us can read the Bible.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Many who have left the Catholic Faith, never knew it. I met with a former Catholic who is now a Oneness Pentecostal. She believed that Catholics were Polytheistic in their belief in the Trinity. She was raised a Catholic but never knew that we only ever believed in One God.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
To James, I don't have a user name for this site at this time. If it is acceptable to the moderator I wouldn't mind giving out my email address. Or I could get a user name.

What Do Roman Catholics Say
The Bible says that we can ask each other for help, and the NT shows that the saints are not dead. I do not worship Mary and she is not my path to God the Father, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life for all Catholics. What Catholics say about Mary relates to Jesus. Mary is the Mother of God, only because Jesus is God. Mary is the Queen, soley because Jesus is the heir to the Davidic throne. This is not the same type of "queen" we are used to - see King Solomon.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
The 27 books of the NT were compiled and authenticated by the Catholic Church at the same time as the 46 books of the OT. Why do you accept the NT but not the OT? The Book of Sirach was used in Jewish liturgies for centuries after - a passage was reworked to become part of the Lord's Prayer. The Book of Wisdom contains the most perfect prophecy for Christ's last hours - it was not flattering to the Jews. The Book of Hebrews refers to Hall of Faith examples that are missing in the shorter canon.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I was told by a Protestant that the Books of Maccabbees were rejected by the Jews because of the practice of praying for the dead. That is wrong. The Jews to this day still pray for the dead, and these prayers are part of their litergy, just as it is with Catholics. The canon was open at the time of Christ - which is why we have the NT.

What Is The Trinity
We are made in the image and likeness of God. We have a physical body, we have a brain, and we have a soul. Why would God be any simpler than that?

What Do Roman Catholics Say
I am a Catholic and I have most certainly been born again. I do not serve Mary, I do not worship Mary - and its a good thing too, because The Catholic Church expressly forbids the worship of statues and anyone or anything other than God.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I am a Catholic, and I am aware that there are a lot of nominal Catholics (in name only) who do a lot of foolish things. A knowledgeable Catholic does not post prayers in a newspaper as if it were some kind of chainletter.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
As I Roman Catholic, I have prayed to Mary; however, to pray means to make a request, and it is not always a form of worship. When I pray to Mary, or to Saint Anthony, or St. Michael the Archangel - I do not intend to give them worship and I do not ask them to do things that I would not ask my fellow Christians. I do not give worship to any but God. And according to the teachings of the Catholic Church this is appropriate. It is forbidden to worship Mary or any other than God alone.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
Exodus 20:4 speaks of graven images - viewed from this site, any who produce or possess photographs, angel Christmas tree toppers, or children's drawings of their family would be in violation. Thankfully, if one is more familiar with sacred scripture it becomes obvious that this passage refers to objects of Worship - idols are worshipped as if they were gods, or as if they were a physical representative standing in for that god.

Should We Pray To Saints
The answer is in Matthew 17:3-4. Moses and Elias appeared on the mountain and were speaking with Jesus. They were so tangible that Peter wanted to build tents for them. The saints are very much alive and are in communication with Jesus. Some saints, if worthy, are taken bodily into heaven. Early Christians did pray (make a request) to the saints, so did the Jews before them, thats good enough for me just remember that they are not God.

Am I A Prophet
Zechariah 13:1-5 followed by Matthew 11:13 and Luke 16:16 Jesus is the fountain from which our sins are cleansed and there shall be no more prophets. But that does not mean that there are not any charisms or gifts, but be careful to discern the source of any gift. If you are not sure then pray often and seek proper spiritual guidance from a religious authority.

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