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Demonic Dreams At Night
i try pleading the blood of christ on my ears and mind and spirit before i go to sleep and. i also pray during these episodes, becuse i cant speak when they happeni also pray or say psalms in my mind with deep reverance..

Do You Have Unforgiveness
i have on a previous job came in contact with an woman from africa and a young man from africa, who thought that religion and belief on god was bogus. she was very cruel in her behavior and laughed at thed idea that any one could believe god for any thing.he on the other hand was one of the most kind persons i have ever met.but i have met people of all races that were just plain cruel in nature. one day whild meditating on God.he reminded me that i was not without sin and in his eyes sin is sin and Jesus said yea without guilt cast the first stone.We all have hurt someone and we dont know how bad because we dont stop to see the damage we have done.It easy to walk by when its someone else getting hurt, or to cry when someone else hurt us.

I Am A Prophet
There's three people I know that are still among us. Okebarham, Donna, and Kathr4453.
At least one of the above claims to be a prophet.

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