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God Wakes Me Up
God Bless you brothers and sisters :-).i wake-up each day at 3am to pray for 5 is so great and i have to say i have Seen good and positive changes in my life.i thank God for that.God Bless you!

God Created To Torture In Hell
Implied yes, directly no.

She Spends All My Money
Marry for money the first time and marry for love the second was a saying that I heard in college. Avoid her like the plague.

Adult Child Won't Work
I am here to see what others wrote in response to the son who stays up all night, sleeps all day, wont work and is inconsistent,unable or unwilling to grow up or to at least stop tormenting his parents. Still blaming them for every thing wrong in his life... I need guidance for the situation with our son. Although I am a doctoral level clinical psychologist, husband also in the mental health field, we are at our wits end. Our son is 28 and not getting any better.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Of coarse a Christian can have there nose pierced! I have mine pierced and I am closer than I ever was with God. Recently my youth pastor told me it was unholy to have your nose pierced, but she has her ears pierced and she saw nothing wrong with it. I just think that God really doesn't care wether it is your ears or your nose that is pierced. And also in the book of Genisis the first engagement ring was a nose ring. Kinda interesting, you should check it out :)

Depression Among Christians
The reason we are depressed is because we have woke up and discovered that there is no loving God. He has forsaken this world. It is run by Satan. God ,if there ever was one, has lost his power.

Catholic, Protestant Or Christian

Christians Without Bibles
Duane, I can see what's happening here. If you think that 1 john 2:27 has anything to do with not needing Bibles, then you don't know sripture like you think you do. This is a great example of how much we need the Bible. Go and study your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.

Ashes On The Forehead
A true Christian knows that ashes are paganistic. Jesus warned us about those things. God is not impressed with outward appearances. He looks at our hearts. Things like wearing Ashes are an abomination to Christ, this I'm sure of, because everything He taught was clearly not in line with what He was saying to His flock. If you don't see this than you don't know the real Jesus.

Advantages Of Homeschooling
My children home-educated from middle school until graduation. It requires much discipline and organization. The kids will tell you they are glad they were homeschooled. My daughter and another student scored the highest and second highest ever on the GED in this county. She earned several scholorships in colege. Her twin scored quite high on the exam into the Navy. They played sports and took music lesons. They were submersed in youth group. They worked part-time. You get out of it what you put into it.

Is Cutting Ones Body OK
Cutting is not the issue here, SIV is. I am a middle school resource teacher. We have had several self-mutilators on our team over the last few years. I took a razor away from one of our girls last year. Please, please, seek help to find out the reason behind this behavior. It won't go away by itself. Studies show that is typically a 10 yr cycle. I'm praying for you. (magga7345)

Open or Closed Communion
My church practices open communion with the admonition that it is for believers in good stead with the Lord. Ample time is provided for all to commuicate with God, to listen and to respond. I have been to churches that stated from the pulpit that communion was closed. It made for an uncomfortable atmosphere, making it appear that some were better than others. (magga7345)

Does The Spirit Of Man Die
It is not the soul of man that is born again. It is the spirit of man and is made new. Created in His image, we are spirit because He is Spirit. The soul is the 'CD PLAYER' as an example.

Too Much Christian Hypocrisy
Jerry dont allow anyone to steal your joy. All you have to do is to go to church and concentrate on why you're going - not to look at poeple or to hear what they say but to have a relationship with God. People can be nasty - even Christians, but they help us grow - because how else would you know whether you are in God's will and if you have the fruit of the Holy Spirit if there are no people that will test and try us. Hold onto Jesus and ask Him to help you bear these people up in prayer. Maggie.

How To Stop Tattoos
Being a Christian does not mean being narrow minded. Look past the tatoos and at the person. God loves all of us. Not just the ones who conform to a certain mind set.

I Am Running Out Of Hope
I am in the same situation, I seperated from my husband on pastoral counsel, God does not want us to be abused. Your husband has to make the choice to deal with his anger/abuse issues - have you asked him if he will consider counselling? If it is affecting your self-esteem then you should seperate until he can treat you better. It will only get worse, speaking from experience. Malachi Chapter 2.

Everyone Must Get Married
Gary that is a very good question. I was brought up to believe sex outside of wedlock is a sin, hence I would presume getting married is a must, if "one" would desire a partner in life. Otherwise it's safe to say that you would be single and go through life on earth only experiencing friendly relationship without being fruitful, and not to forget the spiritual relationship with the lord through his son Jesus Christ.

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