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Married To Jezebel Spirit
I too am married to a woman with the Jezebel spirit. I am very unhappy and frustrated. To make matters worse my wifes mother also operates with this spirit and has a very strong influence on my wife. My wife is a Christian but her mother is not. I am a believer that this spirit is very unforgiving and unrepentant. I have noticed that both my wife and mother make decisions that benefit both of them but they have no regard for the pain that it may be causing another. And if you oppose them they always retaliate. I am not the same man I once was. I am trying to build a closer relationship with the Lord, because I feel that I must first start there. Pray with me.

Can Christians Do Drugs
Would you place a bullet in a empty gun chamber, spin the chamber and point the gun to your head and press the trigger 5 times?

The same can be said about a Christians trying drugs.
Some may be immune to then or have enough self control to prevent the drugs to become their masters.
Other my get on deep DEEP trouble that will make their Christian life miserable.

If you are thrown to the Lion's dean would you pray as Daniel or would you Fight as David? Which is Biblically correct?

Can God Forgive Repeated Sins
How many of your sins were yet FUTURE when JesusChrist died for you at the cross?

Your priority is not Sinning Prevention is being productive for the Lord.
Focusing on this will take care of many other aspects of your Christian life.
If you are looking to server your master things will follow in place and the most secure prove of this is that the enemy will attack with temptation constantly.

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
No need to worry about it, Mitt won't make it in, anyway.

Who is Peter Popoff?
My young nephew called for the miracle water, without his mother knowing. He could hardly wait until it showed up in the mail, but it came with the form letter - sorry you've been going through all of your terrible struggles with some thing or another.
This kid has been winning golf tournaments since the age of 6, bright. He would watch the program in his room while his mom was busy fixing dinner. Kids are impressionable. He did have a bit of a time getting the letters to stop.

Okay To Watch Witchcraft Shows
Okay To Watch Witchcraft Shows
Is it okay for Christians to watch shows like Charmed, which is about witchcraft? .

"Moderator - No."

And the Moderator's answer is NO.
It's as true today as it was when the question was posted. If you're watching Charmed, you can be Charmed right out of anything the Lord would have for you.
So watch Charmed, mix light and dark, it will not all come out in the wash.
"Depart from me, I never knew you."

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Ed, I read all of those in high school. They did not prepare me for the Bible. The Holy Spirit prepared me for the Bible. When I finally obeyed the Holy Spirit, He opened my eyes up to the beauty of God's Holy Word. I devoured it.
Wherefore He saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Eph 5:14

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Ed, let's talk about Israel.
For the Lord hath poured out upon you (Israel) the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath He covered (Is 29:10)

Isaiah was warning Israel that they were asleep. Israel was trusting in the shadow of Egypt and in the strength of the Pharaoh, and not in the Lord. Let's talk about the midnight hour, Ed.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Today, the same words are true. They cannot trust in the shadow or let soothing words lull them to sleep. We might despair for Israel if it were not for the many promises contained in the Word of God for them. They are not forgotten.
Talitha cumi, prophetic words.
It's time for Israel to arise. We're to pray for Jerusalem and Israel, not to depend on the arm of man but look to the Lord for guidance. These are the things on my heart,

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Let's talk Bible, Ed.
In the midnight hour, the last days, there are going to be believers whose eyes are open to the wisdom and revelation of God, and the understanding of their calling. They will understand the completion of Christ, the perfection of Christ, and the fullness of Christ.
God looks into the heart of every man to see whom He can fill with Himself. God has waited through all eternity to give every Christian the capacity to walk in the fullness of Christ.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
The Bible teaches us that to walk in the Light as Christ is in the Light, means that there is no longer darkness within.
This is the hope of every Christian who wants to walk in the Light.

I believe you have a calling Ed, and I hope you find it soon.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Ed, you wanted love, love and love is personal.
I showed you love and it gave you a great big pinch.
So let's go back to non-emotional debate and talk about the Great Commission, being commissioned from Heaven with orders and spiritual armaments that will take us into the uncertain days to come and lead us into the mighty Harvest. Let's talk about the Midnight Hour, and change is upon us. Only the Lord can prepare us by His Holy Spirit what He destined us to be and do in the last days.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Ed, start living in the now. Forget history for awhile, it's not helping you make any decisions about what you want to do with your life. Confusion is not of God. I don't know how old you are, but there's only so much time a man has. It's time to get on with it, Ed.

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