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Attend Non-Christian Wedding
This is an interesting question. I have 2 friends who are getting married, they are both non-Christian. I intend to go at this point, because I want their marriage to be a prosperous one, and i am willing to do whatever i can along the way to help them. I believe that if you choose to attend a wedding, you are making that agreement, and the fact that they are even getting married is a miracle. Jesus went to the weddings of people who were not yet saved (as far as i can tell). Now, if it was a Christian and a non-Christian then it might be different in the sense that if they are knowingly going against the word, and godly counsel in their decision i don't know that i could encourage that (this could get lengthy if we go down that rabbit hole)

Can I Marry A Muslim
My dear, your question make room to suspect the root of your believe in Christ. Do make time to study 1Corinthians 7:1ff to know more what marriage is. Are you aware that a muslim is permitted to lie especially to non-muslims by his religion, to lure them? You can be sure he could change his mind at any moment and you can do nothing then. Many have gone that way and never had any good story to tell. Do go and join their band wagon, as the decision is yours now. But you can be wise anyway.

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