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Marry Doesn't Feel Right
Adetunji, when I have prayed about it, I have never felt a condemnation of any sense, but neither have I really felt a direct feeling of a definite support - a feeling of some acceptance of some nature I feel after praying about it, but never a direct understanding that there I made no mistake in remarrying....

I am just a bit confused, but thank you for all your good advice

Marry Doesn't Feel Right
Adetunji: I had that feeling, but I posted this thing because I was not sure about it......

In some way I felt that while I did not divorce him, maybe at least I made a mistake in remarrying.

It may have been me getting over concerned, of course

But I wanted to check I did not do something silly in the process.

My current marriage is fine, but every so often I have this feeling of 'maybe God would have been more pleased if I had not remarried?'.

Marry Doesn't Feel Right
the one that ask for divorce (except on basis of adultery) demonstrates lack of faith in God to solve the marital issues & with reference to 1 COR.7:15 can be regarded as an unbeliever.
---Adetunji on 12/1/13\\

The question was not about the past, but about what to do now.

Or do you say that the past affects what can or should be done now - perhaps you would say it does, but....

Marry Doesn't Feel Right
StrongAxe: You commented 'What if one says "I don't believe this marriage can work" - he's technically an "unbeliever" :)'

You may feel that way about my ex, and I guess I could feel the same way if I wanted to....

But I did not feel it was right to reject his faith just because he refused to act like a Christian husband

Maybe I should, and say that I married a non-Christian was was acting like a Christian - but that also did not seem right to me.

Marry Doesn't Feel Right
1st Cliff: you ask why my first husband left. He said he felt he had been led to marry me, but now realized he had not been led, so the whole marriage was a mistake.

My point is, if I was divorced, was the best thing to remain unmarried.

I did not understand that then

But now I am married.

Should I do anything now?

In the Sermon on the Mount there are many accusations for the person who divorces his wife without reason, but no guide for what the wife should do then!

Thus I ask for your advice, after making what may well have been a mistaken decision

Should I try to change it? Should I just ask god for His forgiveness? What should I do now?

Blessings from one who is likely in error

Marry Doesn't Feel Right
Cluny: You are right, of course.

But the point was, those same words were said the first time.

Do the first vows hold me now?

I know my husband left me, so, four years ago when I remarried, I felt the first vows did not hold because my former husband broke the bond of marriage.

But I do not know that he has cheated on me, so I am not sure I really have the right to remarry.

As I said to 1st Cliff the Sermon on the Mount says what the husband is to do, but never what the divorced wife is to do!

Thanks, Cluny

Break Free Of My Addictions
Danny-O: What do you consider youself addicted to?

I think the modern world is addicted to LOTS of things

How happy would we be to live a life than only keeps ourselves alive (two bowls of bread/noodles/rice per day, plur oranges to keep us helthy, one outfit to wear (remember Asterix- he always wears the same clothes) and medicine only if we were ready to die

Seldom Goes To Church
As a young teenage boy I knew a middle-aged couple that did exactly that. They went to church on Christmas and Easter and at no other time except funerals. They had two sons about my age, I was very fond of everybody in the family, but I must say that I do not feel good about them now. Also the parents are dead of course and I never drive-by their old house without wondering about them.

Is Christ The End Of The Law
"For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth" the meaning of this verse is that a person or persons cannot keep the law in order to be righteous." Now only Jesus kept the law
(the 10 Commandments), and of course he and he alone is and was righteous before the Father. It is his righteousness, imputed to us, that gives us any righteousness at all before the Father. Another words, we are dependent upon the Lord Jesus Christ's righteousness to be our righteousness. We have been made acceptable in the beloved and the beloved is The Lord Jesus Christ!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

Sinless At Salvation
Romans 8:10,"And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness." Please explain what this scripture meanS.

Was Peter Saved Early
Here's a statement by Shirley that I'm inclined to agree with,"
Yes,Peter was saved at the time but he had no real power to stand firm until the Holy Ghost fell on him at Pentecost. "
years ago, I did a study on Peter and certainly something of a dramatic life changing event took place in his life. And the fact that the Holy Ghost fell at Pentecost might be the answer.

TV Preachers Doing God's Work
"It is a very ill wind that doesn't blow somebody good" your question can be answered affirmatively in both directions. Many of them are making "merchandise" of the people yet God can use them to lead others to Christ.
It is not the correctness or the elegance of the deliver up the message. NO! It is the Holy Spirit using the message delivered. I encourage you to try soulwinning, it won't bite you!!!!1

How Do We Test Spirits
What interesting answers to this question. "Emotions have motives" is totally new to me. Also ---MikeM'S answers are different. --- I think "
Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God,
every spirit that confesses not Jesus is come in the flesh is not of God, and is the spirit of antichrist."1 John 4:2-3 says it best.

Church Requires 15% Tithe
You might ask this question of headquarters if you have the nerve! Otherwise, please consider expenses, Visa cards to eat and travel on, and of course you got the salaries of those at headquarters. How nosy of you to ask this question.

Unconfessed Sin With Death
This post is very good and very correct."Real born again christians dont need to ask forgiveness of sin, they ARE forgiven, THERE SINS ARE NOT COUNTED AGAINST THEM.We are saints, not sinners...We have imputed rigteousness. A real christian is not alive to sin,,,We are alive to God. ---duane on 7/29/07 "

Does God Perform For Us
---Josef says what I meant much better than I did "This is our Father's word to us "I even I, am He that blots out your transgressions for My sake, and will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance" This last part "put me in remembrance" IF that is not talking about quoting His word back to Him what is He talking about?

Should Christians Tithe
Several years ago while preaching in rual Mexico with an interpreter standing by my side we were seeing results. And when I ask the interpreter why these people had no church why there was no priest available to these people my interpreter says, because these people have no money. True story sad but truth.

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