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Unconfessed Sins Unforgiven
I think it's not so much a question of whether or not we "have to" confess our sins to be forgiven (assuming we've already made the decision to receive by faith Jesus' death and resurrection in our place, turning from sin to God)--but one of the evidences of being a true Christian is how we respond when God convicts us of sin. Those who are truly born again will HATE their sin and want it gone. When they realize they have sinned, they will hate their sin because it offends and hurts God. They will not only rest in God's forgiveness, but they will WANT to seek his help to turn their backs on their specific sins.

Confess Adultery To Husband
I found out my husband of 10 yrs committ adultery. There is not one day I dont hurt inside but if you dont confess you and your family wont be blessed. There will be a blockage.
I hate this happened. But do tell him...Trust me I am still hurting but glad he said the truth finally. He is still at home because I love God and I have kids..but think about God and how this hurts him before going to another man rather than your husband..

Forgive yourself and make things right..

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
Isiah 10:32: Refers to daughter of Zion
(See King James version)
Isa 11:1-6 "Rod out of stem of Jesse" i.e (Child to rule with a rod of iron)
Isa 11:10 "Gentile shall seek him" i.e christians/church
See Rev 14:12 "Sign for Israel to gather together" i.e. the 12 stars
Isa 13:3-8 (Describes the birthpain of the woman)
Isa 13:4 - A multitude of nations of the Lord gathered together from all the earth. "They shall pain as a woman that travailth". "They shall be amazed at one another, their faces shall be as flames".

Should We Confess Our Affair Sin
Well, what are the other 9 commandments? I am sure all of you would love to be working with or hiring an unconfessed murderer, or thief. That would be a happy partnership wouldn't it? Why is adultry exempt from this confession and penance? If you do not confess it, you do not have to be sorry, be forgiven or admit your wrong doing. "oh wreched man that I am" even the apostle Paul admitted his sin to us. The marriage will not work unless the sin is confessed. It might limp along on three legs, but it will not be the marriage that the Lord planned for us and you are sentencing your spouse (one flesh) with you.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
the discussion is about the RCC gloryfication and worship of Mary. what i totally reject on biblical grounds.
---Andy on 3/18/09

But, the discussion are from Protestants who ASSUME we worship Mary.
Most Catholics don't even bother to entertain the thought. We know WHO we Worship.
As you can see only a hand of full of Catholics are on this website trying to convince you all that we don't.
The other just think it is pointless, because you will believe whatever wish to believe.

Rapture Of The Church
Leslie, I am not asking about the different stages of people going to heaven.
Are you saying that Jesus appears in Earth at each stages?
Or are you saying that Jesus appears once after all the stages of people are completed?
You have multiple appearance.
Twice only is my belief. Once as a Baby. 2nd, for those still alive on earth when time ends. I am firm in that belief.
The rapture and your stages seems as if Jesus is making multiple appearances?
Please break down your opinion of Jesus' return in accordance to each of your stages.

Jesus isn't divided.
He is Jewish who is the Christ.
Christians are people not gods who believe in Jesus Christ.
So to say as a Jew not as a Christian doesn't sound right to me.

Rub A Cross On The Forehead
Please explain why rubbing a cross on a forehead isn't biblical?
So having crosses jewerly or having crosses in Churches isn't Biblical?

It is a cross, what else are you all going to find wrong with the RCC because of the hate towards her?
Do you ever stop and think what you are saying before speaking?
Men in the Bible don't wear pants.
Men in the Mideast were dress-like tunics.
Why are Christian men wearing pants?
It isn't Biblical?!

The rubbing isn't intent to be a mark of God or the beast.

It is intented to remind men that they are men. Dust is used.
Remember, Adam was made from the soil.
Many men act like they are gods. The Church is reminding us that we are MEN, not gods and WE NEED GOD.

Rub A Cross On The Forehead
Adam was made from dirt. When the Priest applies the blessed ashes to your forehead he says these words:'O man, remember you are from dirt and to dirt you shall return!'
No pretentiously pious act. Many people tell me I have a black smug on my face. They think I forgot to wash my face.

3 acts during Lent: fasting, almsgiving and prayer Mt6:2-4,5-6,16-18 Not to be seen by people Mt 6:1. Rather, penance for repentance and goodwill towards others. We fast from daily pleasure, not necesarily food. Smoking or favorite TV program, etc.
No meat on Fridays.
Fasting:Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
Fridays in Lent - Stations of the Cross -reflecting on the sufferings of Christ.
Then we CELEBATE EASTER! Saturday Night is Easter Sunday.

Catholics Marry In A Church
Good question: I am wondering have you been previously married to a first mate? If you are entering a second marriage in this case:the protesant church says its OK,
---Del on 3/1/09

Good point. I think they know if one of them is divorce they can't marry in the Catholic Church or by a Catholic Priest.
So, they are trying to go around the matter by seeking a Church that will allow them to remarry.

You can't fool God.

Rub A Cross On The Forehead
Mike, the ashes are from last year's Palm Sunday leaves. They are Blessed Palms from the Priest. The Sunday before Easter is Palms Sunday. We copy the people as in Matthew 21:8-9.
We kept the Palms until next year for Ash Wednesday (Some turn the Palms into crosses for decoration in their homes).
We turn them into the Priest and he burns them. He blesses the Ashes.
On Ash Wednesday the first day of Lent.
Latin: Lent is quadragesima which means forty days. In Greek: tessarakoste (fortieth). As when Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days. Matthew 4:1-2.
Sundays are not considered fast days. So if you omit all Sundays you will come up with 40 days not 46 days.

Can I Marry A Muslim
*frowns momentarily* I'm actually in the same situation. My Muslim boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for over 4 years, and are talking abuot marriage. I seriously don't believe that it is a huge issue. Yes, Islam refuses the cornerstone of Christianity, but that doesn't mean that they don't hold Jesus in high regard. Also, we must also look at the Bible in context. I'm sure that the "religious" selection wasn't too big when it came to marriage.

Can I Marry A Muslim
It was either marry a Christian, or marry a Pagan. Now, if you were to marry a Pagan or an Athiest, i might raise and eyebrow because the two don't even match in small ways. I am reading the Qur'an. For the most part, I don't believe that being with someone who doesn't believe in the EXACT same thing you do, is a huge crime. Especially when most of the important details and beliefs are the same.

Can I Marry A Muslim
I believe that it will be difficult, especially if you don't talk about the important things before you marry, such as to arrange marriage or not, to whether the females will have to dress in the Hijab and Burqa. As well, religious ceremonies should be taken into consideration.
My boyfriend and I have talked a lot about this.

Can I Marry A Muslim
I would feel no anger towards them if they chose Islam, because I believe that ultimately it is their choice, and my boyfriend, being honest, said he'd feel sadness if they chose the opposite, but again, we both said we'd be supportive. I mean, many teens fall away from the religion they grew up with, in the first place. Who's to say that a born and raised Christian won't turn to Athieism??
As well, just to put it out there, it would be difficult to raise a child in a Protestant/Catholic home.

Can I Marry A Muslim
Yes, most of the beliefs are the same, but there are still differences that will cause conflict. To do a Christening or a Full water baptism? To pray to Mary and the Saints or only to God? So, even in our own religion, there is still discrepencies...would a Protestant/Catholic be "unequally yoked". I wonder if any Sunni Muslims marry Shiites?

If You Were Not A Christian
I would first of all not be in college, because God pretty much carried me here. ^^ I would also either be dead from lack of warnings (which my family gets whenever we are about to encounter a hazard) or a suicidally self-loathing occultist with no hope for myself or the future.

A Christian Surrogate Mother
Sandy- that support group sounds like just what I am looking for. I am without a doubt pro-life. That christian surrogate support group is full. It did say you can be invited to join. If you are a member of that group would you mind reccommending I be considered to join?
Thank you.

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