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Practice Speaking In Tongues
Remember what was happening as you read the bible when the desciples started speaking in tongues as referenced in the bible. When the holy spirit came upon them which in reality is the "Will" of Yashua. They started speaking in toungues of known launuages at the time. Remember that everything Yashua does has order and understanding. Yahsua's will was for his desciples to go out and proclaim the good news. Folks you really need to quit being spoon fed. It is written that " they heap for themselves teachers with iching ears. Which means the people lift up false teachers to have them tell them what they want to hear. This is false teaching. Read for yourself do not have so-called leaders fleece you like sheep.

Are Dead Present With God
The bible is very clear. When you die you go to in a sence a nice long sleep. The spirit, the essence of llife goes back to Yaweh. As King David still sleeps so will you. I am going to make some folks mad I know but no where does it say when you die you go straight to heaven or hell. You sleep until your Salvation returns to get you. It is as simple as you just wrote what it says in the bible. Believe the truth not the traditions of men.

What Is God's Grace
Only Yashua Ha Maschiach died for all humanity to give an opportunity for salvation,not Jesus. You must be literally be born again to have that opportunity. Even Nicodemus understood what Yashua was saying to him. " Born again spirit filled " in this life is a deception. You are not saved by works, only Yahweh's grace. As for the resurrection. Yashua was crusified on a Wednesday and rose before the close of the sabbath as Mary proved as she went down to the grave before the first day of the week. After all Yahshua created the sabbath, he was God before he was the savior. Gods law never changes. It's not his nature. Sunday worship is pagen. The name Jesus is from pagen gods. The savior plainly said my people will know be by my name.

Teach About Santa Claus
Are you speaking of Satans Claws? LOL. When I was young my parents played Santa. However when I had children we did not play that wicked game. Simply Satan AKA Santa has all the powers of Yashua himself. When I found out the truth I was crushed. If Santa was not real. Was Yashua then not real? We live in a wicked world. We need to be able to have a footing that is solid on the ground. Truth above all things is paramount to keep you from swaying. You also want your children to know a solid foundation not a fantacy so they do not become shallow thinkers as adults which is rampent today. Young impressions do make a difference in life. Not selfish, self centered, entitled adults.

Evolution vs Orthodox Teaching
Evolution belief is a religion all it's own. Evolution says you are a " human being " evolved from apes. Yet Yahshua created "man" a creation after his own image. Fossil records prove modern man existed before our known recorded history. Modern man fossilized footprints have been found in the same fossilized mud with dinosaurs in many places like the Paluxey River in Texas. If anything man is going through devolution because of his corruption and wickedness. To remove Yashua means you make man just another species of animal. Then you can justify things like abortion, genocide, holocosts, etc. After all we then can destroy the lower forms of human life...They are only apes. Lose God, Lose Freedom.

Christians Not Under The Law
I will never understand why Christians are always trying to get away from the law. The t
Ten Commandments are the law Yashua governs with and always will. A lot of times this involves the Sabbath question. Yahshua is the Lord of the Sabbath. Yashua came to fullfill the Law not do away with it and it will be so throughout eternity. If this is about what you can eat look at it this way. God designed man, he knows what makes you work best, he designed you. If you eat something else it is not sin but you do it at your own peril. Savvy?

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