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Secretly Attracted To A Man
Have you tried being friends with him? Ask him to join you and your friends on an outing or something of the sort. Of course, God has His will for you, but He made us relational beings so we can relate with one another. He's not going to come down and strike up a conversation between you two.

Daughter Afraid Of Driving
I know the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen, she is 22 and she has never had a car or liscense. She tells people she can drive because shes afraid of what they will think of her. Its really affecting her life, shes embarrased when her mother drops her off at work, she tries to lean back in the car so her friends dont see her with her mother. She has dreams about it all the time. But its a deep fear that overcomes her. She really wants to learn but shes too embarrased to ask anyone because shes afraid that they will look down on her or think that something is mentally wrong with her. She hates that everyone she knows can drive but her. Shes even concidered suicide because the fear is so raw.

Joel Osteen Opinions
The Osteens are all people of integrity who love the Lord and actually PRACTICE what they preach. They are a fine example to the body of Christ on how to live. Joel is doing exactly what he is called to do by God. He is a calling card to get people into the kingdom of the Lord. To the critics I say... How many people have you lead to the Lord today? Touch not God'a annointed! God bless you all! I hope to see every one of you in heaven.

Joel Osteen Opinions
Yes there is an alter call at each service. Everyone is encouraged to attend the New Beginnings classes that teach you how to start growing in Christ. There are amazing solid Bible classes for all ages and stages of life. It is a great loving environment that FEEDS the sheep and does not beat them. It allows everyone to have a personal relationship with the Lord and take responsiblity for their own choices and growth. It is an amazing place to find and grow in the Lord.

Can I Pierce My Nose
I myself have my nose pierced. Nose rings are biblical, in Ezekiel it talks about how God cleaned up a woman by adorning her with jewels, earings, necklaces, and a nose ring. I see nothing wrong with it, it shows that you are a SERVANT! That is what Christ called us to be. I also see nothing wrong with tattoos. The bible says do not mark your body for the DEAD. My dad has eight tattoos, all glorifying God. And by having them, he has opened up a lot of people to the love of Christ.

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