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Do I Need A Bible
you need a bible. yes the spirit will lead you. But you need to spend time in the Word of god or you might be lead away from the very thing. its just not enough to believe, you need to know why you believe it.
fill free to email me.

Can Females Wear Pants
It's amazing how so many people would rather debate issues that have LONG been over. For what it's worth, if it's okay for men to wear robes and gowns, guess it's okay, and not a sin.

Should The USA Leave Iraq
War is always tragic and painful! But for such a long time, the people in that area of this world were forbidden by laws of Islam to read or look at the Bible Many people are being born again because they are now able to have satalite dishes and tune in to Christian tv. God loved them enough to raise up a leader in this nation to take care of business. This is a spiritual war as much if not more than physical. A war where the truth of the gospel of Jesus will win over the lie of Islam.

Should I Pursue This Man
When you say you met him, do you mean in person or just through the internet?

Even well meaning Christian men can have 'issues' needing attention. You must INSIST on PASTORIAL counsel with the two of you as well as separate. Your Pastor is the one who has to give an account for your soul to God, so give him/her the opportunity to help you make the right decision. If still unsure in your heart, fast and pray for a week, God will talk to you!

Are There Perfect Christians
Let's not complicate it okay! In scripture, the English word 'perfect' means MATURE or fully grown in the teachings of scripture or spiritually. Jesus is the only one to live this life without sin! He shed His blood to wash and free me from sin, but I still have stuff in my soul, (mind, will and emotions), which give me trouble. I love 1John 1:9; His blood is still cleasing me and freeing me, and filling me with more of His likeness. 35 years now!

Hooked On ChristiaNet
I can't say yet if I'm really hooked or not, but one thing is for certain; I am really enjoying reading the oppinions of others, and sharing from my own heart too.

Thanks ChristiaNet

Should We Pray To Saints
The diciples came to Jesus and ask Him to teach them to pray; His reply; "Father in Heaven Hallowed is your name" He also said; Whatever you ask the Father in MY name He will give it to you, If you ask anything in My name....He never once said pray to someone who has died, saint or otherwise. You must read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Are Men To Be Laughed At
Yes, in some cases men do need to be laughed at. Many tv shows are a reflection of men in real life, YES even Homer Simpson. Some men I have dated have been so ignorant as to watch every woman that passes by, when he's there with me! NOT ALL, but some men can act pretty dense.

ADHD, Autism & Tourette's Syndrome
I have ADHD and I am very proud to know what my problem is. And if you can't accept me for who i am. Then you were never meant to be my friend to begin with.

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