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Does Evolution Make Sense
I have seen a tremendous DVD on the subject of evolution - "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel. He was an atheist who researched the subject when his wife converted to Christianity. He wrote at least two more books - "The Case for Christ" and "The Case for Faith". He is a journalist so he wanted to find scientific proof and he succeeded. It's worth watching the DVD or reading the book.

Propose To My Boyfriend
Woman is not created for man, they evolved together in order to procreate and continue the species

My Husband Does Drugs
Christian or non-Christian husband, God loves you and hears your cry. I was married to a Christian man who used drugs, we were "equally yoked" It didn't hurt any less because he was a Christian. This is a horrible thing to endure and only if you have been through it can you really understand. It gets easier with God. Don't stop asking God for help and only look for guidence from people that share you experience otherwise you get people judging you because of their ignorence. I made it and you will too. Pray for your husband, but only God can deliver him and this is your husband's battle and addiction not yours. His addiction is not about you unless you enable. God Bless

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
I was reading these blogs about tithing. I know that it is right to do so. I ask for your prayers that I will tithe husband is against it, but I know better. I really don't want the wrath of my husband..and I sure could use prayers. Also, I am sick with a nodule on my right lung. Would anyone who believes in healing be willing to pray for my healing also?

My Husband Is Narcissistic
There is hope. I have been married for 20 years.The first 12 years were like being in hell. My husband has narsisistic problems. In 1999 I finally gave up and surrendered everything to the Lord.The message I recieved when I asked what should I do now was (Love your husband and I will do the rest) it was extremely hard but with the Lords help I did it.Slowly The Lord began to work.My husband now respects me and he has apologised for so much.He still has issues but his treatment of me is much have to believe God can do all things.Read 1st Peter 3 It sounds backwards but Gods way is the only way. Dont give up.

Prayer Request For Baby
God will be with you, keep your faith and pray everday, he will take care of you and your wife and baby if you keep him close.

Sunday School Tips For Kids
Hey. Neat goal. Have you checked out KidMo? It's a high energy, DVD driven program that teachers really solid Biblical principles in a highly kid-friendly way. As the Director of Sunday School for our church, I'm planning on using it for the summer months when we need less "man and woman power" in terms of teachers so our regular teachers can have a break. I'm so excited to see how the kids are going to enjoy it! God bless you as you seek to energize your Sunday School program for His glory.

How Long Can I Wait On Him

Not understanding my faith as deeply as I would like, has hindered my judgement. I think I will take time and refocus, maybe my confusion is just my gut telling me to step back for a while. Thank you all!

How Long Can I Wait On Him
Thank you all for your suggestions, and questions...they have given me plenty to think about. We have discussed marriage a few months ago, and he is concerned about our relationship changing after we are married. I believe he still doesn't trust that as a christian couple we would grow together. I love this man but as a christian woman the obvious next step is to get married, and if he can't then I need to move along with my life.

Time To Wait For Marriage
Sorry guys about the duplicate blog, I am new to this "blogging" thing, wasn't sure how it

Difference Between Catholics
All Christians DO go to be with our Lord. Those who live on the outside like a christian but not on the inside, are NOT christian. Catholics also believe in praying to Mary. Where does it say in the Bible that Mary is the one to pray to?

How Often Should We Repent
Eloy, Sin is in every life here on earth. Christ was the only pure person on earth. We won't be pure until we are home with our Father. Every one sins and we need to ask for forgiveness every day. Repentance means to turn away, so when we have repented, we have turned away from our old life to live a new life in Jesus Christ.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Please read 1st Corinthians:7 15 where it says "BLut if the unbeliever leaves,let him do so. A believing man or woman is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace. You should pray daily for him though, and you have to forgive him. It doesn't mean it was OK for him to leave but it allowes you to be free in your spirit. I have dealt with this myself and struggled for quite a while over it.
Love in Christ

Differences Of Various Laws
If one would read Hebrews chapter 9 you will see that the 10 comandments are NOT part of the covenant that was done away with. If we didn't have the ten comandments our world would have destroyed itself a long time ago since thats what all our laws are actually based on. Where does all this laws of love,etc come from? Not from the Bible. Any one that adds anything to the word of God is sinning themselves. Any other book that claims to be another teaching of Jesus is also wrapped in sin.
God bless

Bible States No Christmas Trees
I agree about the christmas tree, although one could symbolize it as being what holds up the star that led the wisemen to where the christ child was born. I personally don't celebrate Christmas like others do. We have dinner with family and remember that Christ was born to die for our sins. Without his birth, life, death and being risen again, we wouldn't have a way to the Father, and not much hope for salvation.
This is the how and why we celebrate this season. God bless

How Often Should We Repent
We need only repent once. Repent means turning away from our old way of life to a new life w3ith Christ. We DO need to ask for forgiveness every day though. Sometimes we don't know that we have sinned in some little way so we need for God to reveal that sin to us and ask for forgiveness. God bless

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