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Funny Evolution Ecards
It looks like ChristiaNet is putting up some more Evolution ecards. Take a look.

Funny Evolution Ecards
Yes, the evolution ecards are very funny.

Do Christian Prophets Exist
Of course, otherwise the Bible couldn't speak of false prophets.

Relationship With Christ Stagnant
Read the Word, pray, fast and be available to help others in the Lord and one's relationship with God will grow.

Do Sacraments Save Catholics
Not only do the sacraments not save Catholics, they don't save anybody.

Christian Witnessing Obsolete
The church as a whole is in an apostate condition with very few pastors talking about sin and repentence. Most pastors talk about what God can do for you.

Judgment Day Of God
I think we need to repent daily of our sins and attempt to live holy lives.

Jesus' Resurrection Denied
Without the resurrection of Christ there is no such thing as Christianity.

God's Plan For Salvation
Christ, our sin and their repentenance.

Christian Worldview Today
Most of the worldviews that Christians hold today are of the world and not the Bible. Most Christians are blinded today.

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