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What's Up August 2013
Thank you Lidia. That was sweet.

I appreciate prayer for my surgery. My concern is that it go as scheduled. I had to get a second test for MRSA even though the first test was negative. I'm praying this one also comes back negative as well. I'd hate to have to postpone again.

What's Up August 2013
I have another sinus infection. Please pray I can get to the root of this problem. In the meantime, pray I get an antibiotic and get rid of it before my gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. Thanks.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
When dealing with your Pastor, and first lady, remember that God made your Pastor to oversee his people. First, pray ask God for his direction, and have faith and be quiet and allow God to deal with these ypes of situations. You can cause more problems confronting your pastor, and that not your purpose. You have to learn to respect his decisions. And allow God to answer your prayers. You'll see all things work together for them who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Stay strong and hold on.

Tithe To Church Only
In response to titheing, if God never blessed you with a job, then you wouldn't be able to tithe. The bibl tells us the Lord ask for 10%. Off the top before figuring out your bills, or anything else. Give God his first. And He will pour you out a blessing you will not have room to receive. I have done it in my darkest hours, and He has provided all of my needs, according to his riches in glory. Yes, tithe to your church. And read Malachi 3:10

Must Submit To Husband
Hi, if you can't respect your husband as the head, you should not have married him. Remember submission to your husband is honor, respect, and you should be able to allow him to be the head. Now wih that coms the responsibility of being the provider for the household. Its ok for both of you to work and share bills etc. But he should be the primary provider. Many people don't think about this prior to marriage. But as the wife we should walk side by side. But the husband shoul be the leader.

Need Encouragement Scripture
Read Proverb 3:5-6
Read the ook of James
REad throughout the book of Psalms
you will be so encouraged, but mst of all pray as God to take whatever you situation is away. And sk him to handle it. Hey He is a sure winner,heart fixer and mind regulater.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
Baptism of itself does not guarantee salvation but it is necessary in the plan of salvation Acts 2:38 Repent, baptise in water, receive holy spirit.
However, if water baptism is not available in a particular circumstance- at repentance one can be prayed for to receive the holy spirit anyway, thereby guarantee of becoming a christian Romans 8:9....if any have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
I beleive in Jesus because there must have been the beginning of things and I have proven personally that HE does exists thru 58 years of dealing with HIM. Besides, I had a terminal illness over 50years and without any medication or help, Jesus healed me from 1998-2008 of ALL of it, I was bedridden incidentally for 15 of those years waiting to die. I got innumerable healings from JEsus in a church I attended from time to time during the years 1998-2001

Blasphemy Against Holy Ghost
Blasphemy against the holy spirit is 'wilful, intentional sin' after one has become christian and holy spirit filled. One will know for certainty that he is committing that sin and refuses to stop it.
As a christian spirit filled the holy spirit will become grieved and quenched the more one continues in it.
This is the sin that God says we should not pray for once the person has continued in it for a long period knowingly.
Revelation 3:1-5
Church was sinning knowingly, Jesus told them to change lest he blot their names out of book of life.

What Makes You A Christian
The indwelling of the Holy Spirit within a person makes one a christian. The Holy Spirit is received after one repents of sins, baptises in water in Jesus name or the FAther, Son,and Holy Spirit/
Acts 2:38 Romans 8:9
One should be a christian for we were created to choose eternal life, and being a christian is the path to eternal life.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
One can lose his salvation according to Hebrews 10:26-27 which says one can sin wilfully without repenting and face fiery indignation and become again an adversary towards God.
Also Revelation 3:5 says one's name can be blotted out of the book of life if they continue to go back to a life of sin without repenting, after they became born again christians.

How Do You Pray
I pray everywhere, anytime, anywhere.
I consider prayer a personal converstation with God so I tell God things, I ask HIM questions, I pray for others wherever I am when it comes to mind. I pray for myselfand many others that brethren and other persons that I meet that have needs of God intervention in their lives.
I cannot wait to pray in a particular place and time or else I will forget.
I also have long one on one prayer convos with God depending on the situation I am dealing with.

Christians Casting Out Demons
No, not every christian can cast out a demon. Firstly because satan still has some hold on some christians and this can cause backlash. Secondly, not all christians have the gift/anointing to do so. It does require gift from God. Thirdly, casting out demons does require knowledge of how it should be done so the person doing it does not get attacked by any demons themselves during this.

How To Become Born Again
One is born again with 3 simple steps:
First Repentance = asking God forgiveness for individual sins and making a decision to live God's way.
Second, become baptised in water by immersion in Jesus name or in the name of the Father Son and Holy spirit, then one will receive holy spirit which makes one a true christian and born again.
St. John 3:5 Acts 2:38 Romans 8:9

Marry, Leave Or Wait
You have been living against God's will for 9 years. You have to repent and make it right by not living together anymore, and then God is able to give you the desire of your heart, which if I hear you correctly is that the man you are living with will become born again, and then with God's blessing you can marry, as you should have done first. I was in the position that you are in, and that is what I had to do in order for God do work His miracle.


No Forgiveness From The Heart
How do you define - forgiveness from the heart'?

Eastern Or Western Christianity
Real Christians submit to God's ways and words, accepting the whole bible as the word of God, not just some of the word of God.

Prayer For Bad Back
Thank you for your prayers Rita. I haven't been to get help for this because I don't have insurance and can't afford to make payments.

Can I Have Many Wifes
Just because man in his own lusts wanted many wives does not mean that it was okay with God and just because it's in the Bible, doesn't make it an okay thing to do. The stories of the old testament are to teach us and also help to guide us away from the troubles they had. And no it does not benefit women. If you read it, you see there was jealousy and such. I think you are thinking it's okay because of some desire you may have within yourself.

How To Get Along With Mom
I have always befriended older Christian women. One of my best friends died last summer at the age of 94. My other friends are 88, 85, and 70. They are my favorite people and prayer partners. Their experiences and knowledge supersedes young Christian women who believe they know it all and are qualified to preach, hold crusades, and are extremely prophetic. The wisdom that older women can share with younger women is a treasure.

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