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Are Women Bishops Biblical
Glenn ... You ask me to rephrase my question, so here goes:

You say "Since Jesus made the decision to only use men in certain positions within the Church structure ... to dispute it is to call Him a liar"

So ask you Where n the Bible is it recorded that "Jesus made the decision to only use men in certain positions within the Church structure"

Definition Of Fornication
Shawn ... But you did say "We as God's Children cannot be Fornicators"

What does that means, then?

There's plenty of evidence to show that some are.

Women Teach Men In Church
Sandy G ... So no single elders, nor widowers?

I Don't Celebrate Christmas
The point is Rhonda, that for true Christians, it is NOT a holiday of the wolrd.

It is our celebration of Jesus coming to this world .. just part of the celbration of His whole life, death and resurrection.

Is that not something we should celebrate?

You sound as if yuo are not glad about it, or about Him or what He did for us.

Christians Expect Too Much
Alan ... I'm not even sure what the question is!

We have churches here which variously say

Everything should be referred to the pastor or pastoral team (even where/when to holiday)
Every prayer will be answered as yuo want (no "your will, LOrd")
Only preist can absolve (or he can't)
Have to speak in tongues to be saved (or tongues are evil)
You must (or must not) worship on Saturday
You must not use doctors
No FreeWill
Must (or must not) tithe
Candles are evil

and so on!!!

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