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Christian Capital Punishment
It says in the 10 commandments
Thou shalt not kill... you need to heard the Bible before you voice your opinions.

Can I Pierce My Nose
I beleive a Christian can pierce thier nose, as a matter of fact I took my daughter to pierce her's and she is 18. The scripture tells us in Ezekiel 16 how the Lord compares unfaithful Jerusalem to a girl he picks up cleans up and lavishes in fine jewels v.10-12. Then in the book of Isaiah 3:16-24 the Bible tells of how The Lord punished the women of Zion and he stripped them of their fineries including v.21 nose rings. My arguement for nose piercings...Hope this helps. God bless.

My Husband Just Left Me
surround yourself with other christians go to support groups. Don't be alone to much look what is out there for group support. find out what you liked to do when you were single and start a new hobby again. Take a swimming aerobic class, very soothing, listen to christian music before bedtime. Gardening can be very comforting. and make sure that if your dpressed fro more than two weeks to seek a doctor. Don't let it go , you might need something to help you thru. Make lots of friends even male friends!!

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