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Jobs That Please God
JOBS===Any job God gives you is pleasing to Him, if you don't run. He is such a good boss. As long as you hang in there, He won't fire you. If you try to run He may even go and get you. On the other hand, He may use you as an example of the Israelites and kill you.

Tongues Evidence Of Holy Spirit
MRS. MORGAN== I can only speak for myself. I didn't know what hit me. I am still reeling. But I agree salvation first, then the baptism of the holy spirit. I also know in my case the power of the person of the holy spirit, manifests in degrees. much more now, than even six month ago. Have a good day.

Is It Works And Grace
MRS. MORGAN is right, too many christians, if indeed they are true christians, don't know JESUS. And I WONDER, where are they? I never see them around and about, and what in the world are they doing?

Good Behavior To Enter Heaven
REV.20--11-15 THE WORKS of men what they have done and whether it be good or evil.--DEATH BEDS OFCOURSE, IF SOMEONE IS on their death beds can't do good works. IT IS gambling to wait that long.THERE IS ANOTHER SCRIPTURE IN I think rev. that says, slothfulness will be treated as wickedness.AND ALSO cowardness will not be welcome in the KINGDOM OF GOD.

Are There Rewards In Hell
OH YES, there will be rewards, FROM SATAN. YOU won't like them. THIS has got to be the stupidest questian ever. YOU had better wise up. HELL IS HOT and BRUTAL. WHY are some of us saved from HELL, SO WE CAN MISS THE REWARDS? NO WAY. GOOD GRIEF!!!

Is There A Sinners Prayer
THE SINNERS PRAYER, does not have to be a book. GOD Is the one who initiates it. IT is called the sinners prayer, because you need to be forgiven for all of your sins. PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. AND after you are saved, we still, unfortunatly, sin. WE HAVE to keep asking FOR MERCY and FORGIVENESS. IT'S what will get to heaven, too.

Are Catholics Christians
ANYONE, WHO JESUS has truly choosen through HIS BLOOD, is a true christian. IT does not matter what religion ect. JESUS IS not religion, HE is THE SON OF GOD.

To Salvation To The Obedient
WHAT are you talking about? BEING BORN-AGAIN requires us to do good works. I was trying to explain the importance of good works.prov. 24 v.11-12.ALSO SLOTHFULNESS, will be treated as wickedness.

Good Behavior To Enter Heaven
GOD will render to every man according to HIS works, not only the commission of evil works, but the omission of good works.PROV. 11-12

Are Roman Catholics Christian
AS long as you experenced the cleaning blood of JESUS CHRIST, it does not matter what religion. JESUS said,"YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN">

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