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A Demon In My Bed
I find it distasteful when people try and tell others what they experianced. If we are told in Holy Writ. that the Devil roams around like a lion seeking who he will, why does anyone doubt that in someway a person is in some sense troubled? Maybe they did have sleep paralysis, but maybe there is more to it then that-maybe as brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to pray for them?

Confess Adultery To Husband
I am tempted to agree with Shira-it was your sin, it would be unwise to hurt him and do more damage. If it is dealt with at the Cross, then it is not his business anymore (sorry, this is God's business-not ours), and he should not feel wounded for this. However, if he finds out, it could further wound him. The devil would use this to destroy-and I would not to give place to him. I would say, deal carefully, deal honestly, deal prayerfully.

What Was The Forbidden Fruit
Jed, I agree with you. If we reduce the fruit here to metaphore, then do we also take the crusifiction as such? Or perhaps the crossing of the Red Sea, etc., or Adam's rib. In Genesis we are dealing with historical people, Abraham, Issac, Yaakov, etc., if thier lives and actions are literal, the Gen 3 story, which is in the same book, is also to be taken as such.

A Demon In My Bed
Not a sleep problem, not sleep paralysis? I will pray for you-if you believe demons exist, believe also One with greater authority exists as well. The Christ is more powerful then such things-may the Lord stand by you-the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you-

History Of The Holy Spirit
David, Christians believed in the Trinity before Constentine came around.

What Is A Messiah
The Bible does not call Jesus, Michael. Re. firstborn of every creature, it does not equal first created-the Talmud calls God by the same title. The title conveys supremecy-and Christ is called the Alpha and Omega-this is equivalent to the Rabbinical designation for God, the Aleph and Tav. Paul and the writer of Rev., were Jews, using Jewish titles for God, and applying them to Christ.

History Of The Holy Spirit
Cluny, though I agree, as a Jew, I would slightly caution you re. the statement "the Jews" rejecting Jesus, and not being filled with the Spirit. The first believers, the first to be filled with the Spirit, were Jews. We did not all reject Jesus, nor do we all reject him today. Even in Israel today, there is a Hebrew speaking community of Catholics.

What Is A Messiah
David said "what unscriptural expressions do JW's use to describe Jehovah, Jesus or the holy spirit?"-for one, JW's call the Holy Spirit the active force of God. That is not Biblical. And verses which speak of the Spirit having personality, are explained away by them. I would mention here, the Holy Spirit, is at times called the Spirit of Jesus.

History Of The Holy Spirit
I may have missed if anyone posted the answer-does Scripture tell us what the...prior to..? Yes, it does-we see the Spirit active in the incarnation and ministry of Christ. We also see him at work in the creation of the world, ps 33 gives us an example of God, the Word, and the Spirit at work-in which we see the Trinity. Also in the inspiration of the prophets, and miracles. In the OT, he is mainly refered to as ruach Adonai, or ruach Elohim-Spirit of the Lord, or God.

Did Cain Have a Nod Wife
The Bible does not give us much detail about this. However it does say that Adam and Havah had other sons and daughters. The rabbis tended to think that Cain took one of them. Cain and Havel where the first born, and tradition says they were twins-linguistically, the Heb. may support this-at any rate, his wife, would have been younger.

History Of The Holy Spirit
Follower of Christ-by your logic, when Jesus says God is a spirit, is he calling God an "it"? And the New Testament DOES speak of believers having a relationship with the Spirit-the Spirit speaks, has a 'will', gives gifts. These are traits of personhood, and are all relational. Furthermore, by being called ruach elohim, the Spirit of God, this implies oneness with God.

Luck To Meet Christian Women
The man asks a question, and people jump on his words or call him selfish. Replace luck with success, and good with descent-and his desire for wanting companship is normal. Re. advice for what he actually asked, pray,and keep seeking. You probably meet people everyday, try smiling and saying hi to some of them.

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