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Nations Not Heard The Gospel
The bible says that the kingdom shall be preached 'to all nations'. It does not say that every individual person in those nations will hear it. My question was asking if there are any countries/nations who are still totally unaware of God's existence and Jesus' sacrifice for mankind. A small boy came singing 'carols' at my door last Christmas. He knew nothing about Jesus and did not know what a real Christmas carol was. There are people like this in every town but this was not what I meant.

Prosperity Preacher Are Christian
Ron if you have seriously stopped going to church because of 'this type of preaching' then you are punishing God for something man has done. My mother stopped going to church because the vicar had an affair and was a hypocrite. To her, that made Christianity hypocritical when it was really just a man. You are doing the same. Find a church that preaches the gospel as found in the bible. If you read the bible you'll spot the falsehoods. In the end though you are only harming yourself.

Can I Date A Witch
James if you were a Christian you would know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you should not marry this girl. The simple reason is that Christians are told not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Whether she is a witch, an aetheist, an agnositic or anything else, if she isn't a Christian God says NO.

Sinning In Your Dreams
Our dreams are sometimes connected with issues we have in our lives, discussions we've had the previous day, things that we are worried about etc. If the sin in the dreams is connected with some reality in your life it might be best to consider that a warning not to go down that road in dealing with the particular issue. Many dreams are just totally unconnected with reality though and are best forgotten.

Pastor Or The People Minister
T.S. You seem determined to give the impression that you can read my mind and know a lot about me and my church. You don't. FINALLY the lay preachers who serve our church and many others in the surrounding areas do what they do out of love for the Lord and not for any financial reward. Most Christians I know do things for others without financial reward, it is not at all unusual and it is certainly not wrong to accept such freely given help.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Catherine, how can you compare a conversation that the fully alive Mary had with Jesus and what is now being suggested. Obviously they talked to each other then, but she is no longer alive. Also John 2:4 tells us that Jesus said to Mary "Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come." Many think that this was a rebuke because she spoke too soon at the wedding feast to which you refer.

Person Believes In False God
No Grace, there are not many ways of arriving at the truth. "I am the way, the truth and the life, NO MAN comes unto the Father EXCEPT THROUGH ME" said Jesus. Anyone who cannot accept that statment as absolute truth has no right calling themselves a Christian. The bible also tells us that 'at the name of JESUS every (note EVERY) knee shall bow, EVERY tongue will confess that JESUS is Lord.' But by then, for many, it will be too late because they will be awaiting the judgement.

Salvation Without Confession
'Confessing or professing Jesus as Lord before men is done in water baptism.' Rickey why do you say this? Surely confessing Jesus as Lord can be done on many occasions besides baptism. It could mean going home from a meeting at which you were saved and telling your mother (regardless of whether she is saved or not). It is simply telling others about your new found faith in Jesus. The sooner we do it for the first time the better, but it can be done throughout life whenever the opportunity arises.

Catholic Knew More Than Me
A Catholic, you say " 'Born again' became the logo of those who want to be different and to distinguish themselves from Catholics." So what do you think that Jesus meant in John 3:3-7? Where were these Catholics that He wanted Nicodemus to be distinguished from? Please read the whole chapter, it might help to untangle some of your crossed wires. I pray you will find it helpful.

Salvation Army Communion
Rebecca I am absolutely amazed that you did not know that the Salvation Army had anything to do with 'religion'. Did you never wonder why they are called the SALVATION Army? If you did some internet research on them and their founder you would find some really interesting information.

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