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Are Rosary Beads A Sin
It's strange, but the one thing that will hinder your prayers to God is the Catholic prayer tool called "Rosary beads". This is in contrast to what the Catholic Church says about them. They are idols and God does not tolerate them. God honors honest prayers from your heart, not mechanical prayers of repitition. There are a lot of things that the Catholic Church will not tell their members. I do pray for them.

Is Purgatory Paradise
While some are WASTING their time on trusting that there is a Purgatory (backup), God's true believers are continuing in the faith, living for God through His son Jesus Christ. Exactly what the Bible tells us to do. No complicated Catholic doctrine.

Did The Apostles Worship Mary
Lorra, the Catholic Church says, stand on your head. You are a puppet for the Catholic Church. Maybe you think that they can bail you out, on the last day. Purgatory tickets, anyone? The Catholic Church will answer to God for it's many lies and failures to tell the whole truth.

I Forgot To Memorise A Prayer
Donna, something puzzles me here about you being born again. If you were truly born again, you should know that not being able to memorize a prayer, especially the Apostle's Creed is not a sin. I was born again in 1982 and I know it. Like me, you are no longer bound by the Catholic Church to do or not do anything. The priest that asked you that, might not even be saved, believe it or not. God bless.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
john loves..., Please show us where on this page where a Catholic was abused, or shown hatred. You and some others are clearly blowing this way out of proportion. It would not even hold up in a court of law. The devil is lying to you. Catholics defend their religion, more then exalting the Lord. What about Jesus? This agrument could go on forever, so I will not do it. It is the other way around actually. I believe that Catholics hate Born Again Christians. I pray that God will reveal His truth to you.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
caring, The devil is lying to you. Born again Christians hate no one. This is spiritual. Jesus said we must be Born Again. When a Christian warns a Catholic of the untruths of their religion, the enemy automatically tells your brain that "They are attacking you, are you going to take that?" LIE! Born Again Christians stick their necks out to point Catholics to the truth. But, like I said, this is a spiritual battle and you need to be Born Again to be enlightened to God's truth. God bless.

Mary The Blessed Mother
That is correct. It's not about Mary. IT'S ABOUT JESUS. Catholics are spending much time going in the wrong direction, and that road slopes downward. When I look back on the many idols (spiritual and physical), I see very little truth left. The Catholic Church is the spiritual cancer of Christianity, continually eating away the truth of God's only provision. They surely give glory to others that should be only God's. Very sad and displeasing to the gracious God that sent His son to the cross for us.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Peter and the Pope had nothing to do with each other. The office of Pope is NOT God ordained. The RCC has lied to Catholics. Catholics live in a world of lies. They need to be born again, to see the truth. They don't see the lies because they don't have God's Spiritual eyes. This is true, so help me God. Do Catholics fear to know the truth?

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