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What Is A First Fruit?
first fruit is your first income, first wages, first salary or your first produce. it is for God so dat the rest that comes will be acceptable to Him and He will increase it.

"Honor God with your substance and the first fruit of your income."

Husband Puts Me Down
you dont have to run away from your challenges, all you have to do is to pray for God to make him love and appreciate you and encourage you. and the other part is in your hands, you have to do things that will make him appreciate you and encourage you, try to spent time together and have more of fun and things you both like. 'A wise woman builds her house upon a rock but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. prov.

Secretly Attracted To A Man
2 good years, my dear, you are indeed patient but don't be misled by your emotions, find out about him if he is bethroted or engaged, if he is your ideal man and ask God to direct you. sometimes it could be mere attraction. why dont you be friends with him and get closer to him to know him better, with time, you will know if he feels any thing for you or notices you. follow your heart and let God direct you. good luck

My Christian Wife Left Me
yes, you can. The bible says, he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour fron God. if she has decided to leave you, fine. let her be, just pray and leave it in God's hand to take care of. He alone knows why he let it happen. just kip praying for God to put things right for you. it is well.

Modern Day Prophets
read mark 13:22, follow the doctrine that is in line with the holy bible, then you can discern which is the true and the false prophets, those false prophets exist so that the word of God will be fulfilled.

Is It A Sin To Be A Rich Christian
hi, i am new to this site and would very much like to share my ideas and learn from others ideas. it is not a sin for a christian to be xtremly wealthy but DONT let your wealth deprive you of your relationship or closeness to God. the way you can get to heaven as a wealthy man is to extend your wealth/riches to the poor.

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