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Merry Christmas ChristiaNet
Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus? It is a pagan holiday. Ask yourself, why were people celebrating Christmas 2000 before Jesus was born? Why would you celebrate a holiday that is known for sacrificing children? Do you know the history of christmas trees? Those that love this world will lose their life, but those that hate this world will live forever.

How Is Satan An Angel
Why is he called a sepernt and a dragon?

Can Objects Bring Demons
God made everything good, if you turn bad, don't blame him. Remember, pride is bad.

Is Satan A Fallen Angel
Where does it say he was an angel? It say's the devil and his angels. The Yahweh and Yahshua both have angels, but it does not mean they were angels.

Is Satan A Fallen Angel
If Satan was a murderer from the begining, why would God use him to guard his throne? This prophecy in Isaiah 14 pointed to the future time when Belshazzar became the last king of Babylon. Belshazzar was a successor of Nimrod who was considered to be a "shining one". Compare that with Isaiah 14:12, quoted above. It seems that also Belshazzar, in his evil pride and defiance of the true God, used some symbols of his predecessor Nimrod.

Is Satan A Fallen Angel
Robin8683, how can the verse be talking about Satan if it says he was a man of flesh? How can the King of Tyre be Satan?

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